Online first: The complicated condition of data journalism in French-speaking Belgium

A look at French-speaking Belgium in terms of data journalism reveals severe hindrances and diverse approaches, write Juliette De Maeyer, of University of Montreal, Manon Libert, David Domingo, Fran├žois Heinderyckx and Florence Le Came, all of Free University of Brussels. They interviewed 20 people of various positions, involved in various ways with the production of data journalism.

According to these interviews, the attitudes and approaches towards data journalism vary greatly even within the relatively confined context of French-speaking Belgium. Even the definition of what counts as data journalism was under dispute, the authors note. Even more significantly, the ability of a few willing enthusiasts to produce data journalism was noticeably constrained by lack of resources and managerial support.

The study was published as an online first article of the journal Digital Journalism. It can be accessed online here (abstract public).

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