NODA16: Data journalism conference

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The Nordic Data Journalism conference 2016, or NODA2016, will begin tommorrow (Thursday the 21st) with an academic preconference. The main event, starting on Friday, will focus on the practical side of doing data journalism.

The event is hosted by the University of Helsinki, in Finland. This year NODA is combined with the Finnish investigative journalism conference, Tutki!2016.

The preconference will start with sessions dealing with metascientific aspects of data journalism research: what is data journalism, what about it needs to be researched, and how can data journalism be categorized?

Further presentations delve into the more practical issues revolving around data journalism such as source protection, ethical probelms, and education. The day’s final sessions relate to the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) in journalism, and the use of algorithms in newsrooms.

Further information of the event is available on the conference’s website. Tip sheets for some of the sessions are available on the NODA2016 blog. The event can be followed on Twitter by the hashtag #noda16.

Keynote: Paul Bradshaw on “Data and power”

Second academic keynote by Nicholas Diakopoulos: Algorithmic accountability

Other presentations

Research on Data Journalism: What is there to investigate? Insights from a Structured Literature Review by Julian Ausserhofer, Robert Gutounig, Michael Oppermann, Sarah Matiasek and Eva Goldgruber

Defining types of data journalism projects by Andreas Veglis & Charalampos Bratsas

Classifying Data Journalism. A Content Analysis of Data-Driven Stories by Florian Stalph

Data journalism: the missing link between the politics of open data and the myth of citizen data literacy? by Eddy Borges-Rey

Media Mill: Defining hyperlocal data journalism by Andrew Scott Dickinson

Chilling effect: regional journalists’ source protection and information security practice in the wake of the Snowden and RIPA revelations by Paul Bradshaw

Towards mobile data journalism: The new challenges of smaller screens by Turo Uskali

Data journalism education in Finland – planning the 2nd wave by Esa Sirkkunen

Ethics of data journalism by Heikki Kuutti

The paternalistic side of data journalism by Ester Appelgren

The Use of Data Personalisation in Data Journalism Stories of the New York Times and The Guardian by Hussain Aldossari

Designing an Argument: Computational Journalism and Design Thinking by Eirik Stavelin & Joakim Karlsen

Drone journalism Review: Current practice, legal frameworks and drone futures by Andrew Heaton & John Mills

Drone exploration in journalism – a triplex approach to action by Astrid Gynnild

Algorithms in the newsrooms – what to expect? by Carl-Gustav Lindén

Picture: Untitled by Recklessstudios, licence CC0 1.0.

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