It’s Monday: news and events this week

Last week we published stories about journalism studies section of UK elections report, about narratives in crime news stories and about new twist in the everlasting tale of gatekeeping theory.

Events this week

  • International Conference on Information Technology and Journalism (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
    On Monday begins the 20th  International Conference on Information Technology and Journalism in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The five-day event ends on Friday. The first two days’ theme is Changes in journalism, rethinking existing forms, organised by International Political Science Association and Digital Democracy network. Entire conference is organized by University of Zagreb and the Institute for New Media and E-Democracy. See further information on their webpage here.


  • International Conference on the Freedom of the Press (Jerusalem, Israel)
    Also today, on Monday, begins the International The International Conference on the Freedom of the Press in Jerusalem, Israel. This is the first day of the three-day event, which is organised by Jerusalem Press Club. Most of the events are held in English. The conference discusses, for example, reporting from the war zones and how the digital media is changing the rules of the reporting and its ethics. See the speakers and the full program here.
  • Media and politics: Discourses, cultures and practices (Milan, Italy)
    A two-day conference titled Media and politics: Discourses, cultures, and practices begins on Wednesday 27th May. The event is organised by the University of Milan. The event can be followed via Facebook or Twitter, hashtag #MPC2015.


Other event news and upcoming deadlines

  • The Social Impact of Digital Storytelling of News Impact Summit (NIS London) held on the LSE campus in London on 5th June 2015 is now open for registration. The event is free “to all journalists, editors, newsroom managers, journalism trainers, J-school students and other stakeholders”. Limited seats available, see more information here.
  • Discourses of Disorder – symposium held in Newcastle University in October. Abstracts due 31st May. See the whole call-for-paper here.

Other news

  • You can now find Finnish media statistics free online, thanks to Statistics Finland. See here.


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