REPORT: 73 short articles about UK Elections 2015


A new report, published just 10 days after the UK Elections 2015, gathers 73 articles from 92 leading UK academics. The research findings and short theoretical insights cover a rich range of themes, including journalism studies and analysis of the role of social media in the election process.

Among the topics covered are, for example, a short article about TV news elections coverage by Stephen Cushion and Richard Sambrook of Cardiff University, and Steven Barnett offers four reasons why partisan press helped the Tories to win.

The election analysis was edited by Daniel Jackson and Einar Thorsen of Bournemouth University, and published by the Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community at Bournemouth University, in partnership with the Political Studies Association.

The publications is free to access both as a downloadable PDF file and as a website, here.

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