CFP: Multilingualism and Journalism in the Era of Convergence

The editors Lucile Davier, of University of Geneva, and Kyle Conway, of University of Ottawa are calling for book chapters for a book called “Multilingualism and Journalism in the Era of Convergence”.

Technological convergence, or the blurring of lines between formerly distinct media, has had a tremendous impact on the work journalists do. This book will look at the ways journalists are making sense of and adapting to this changing environment.

Potential questions authors might address include (but are not limited to):

• In what contexts do journalists indicate that a source spoke or wrote in a different language?
• What modes of translation (e.g., subtitling, voice-over, etc.) do journalists use?
• Do journalists favour different modes of re-expression on different platforms?
• What strategies do they adopt for cross-platform or multimodal distribution?
• How do they adapt the same news story for multiple formats?
• Do ideas of newsworthiness vary depending on the platform?
• How visible are multilingual contexts for audiences?
• Do convergence phenomena contribute to the globalization or the localization of news?
• What are the implications of journalists’ practices for how audiences perceive cultural others?

Proposal deadline is on January 15, 2017. Send the 500 words long abstracts to [email protected].

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