CFP: Funding and management in the convergence era

The special issue of International Journal on Media Management is calling for papers on the topic “Funding and Media Management in the Convergence Era”.

The special issue aims to showcase research that examines the impact of convergence on funding and media management questions; that interrogates relationships between the digital, the funding of media, and the transformations emerging in production, distribution and consumption; or that explores the broader implications of a media culture that is more sharable, hybridized and connected on traditional funding models.

[spoiler title=’Specific areas of interest for this special issue include, but are not limited to:’ collapse_link=’true’] * Shifts in power structures from corporate-driven to consumer-driven
and its impact on the type of media being financed in contemporary
creative sectors
* Digitized interfaces and shifts in funding patterns and creative
* Transmedia and the relationship between spreadable content and funding
* Entrepreneurship in the media and turns toward co-creativity as funding

[spoiler title=’Research is also welcome on topics that examines more specific media industries:’ collapse_link=’true’] * Film funding, including Hollywood franchise models of financing and
crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter
* Television funding, including subscription services such as Netflix
and impacts of digital convergence on public service
broadcasting/license fees
* Videogame funding, including social media gaming production
* Comics and book funding, including motion comics and online publishing
* Music funding, including live-touring, streaming and downloading

Submissions must be in English and should be no longer than *6,000 words*.

Deadline: September 15 2016

Contact details and more information is available behind the link.

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