CFP | 31.12. | Journalism and construction of alternative universes

An interdisciplinary conference entitled “What is universe?” is calling for contribution proposals. The event will be hosted by the University of Oregon in Portland, United States. The conference will take place between the 19th and 21st of April 2018.

The conference organisers welcome proposals for “scholarly papers, panels, exhibits and installations” on various aspects and interpretations of “universe”. Among the suggested topics are:

  • How is journalism overcoming vernaculars of real/fake news in a “post-truth” era, while still actively seeking solutions?
  • How are citizens increasingly being drawn into alternate, fictional, cinematic, and comic book universes, social networks, immersive worlds, and augmented realities?
  • In an age of increasing communicative complexities and oversimplifications, what is truth and what is reality?

Abstracts should be submitted by January 15.

Further information is available on the conference website.

Edited on 2.1.2018: The deadline for submitting abstracts was extended from December 31 to January 15, and this text was corrected to reflect the fact.

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