CFP | 27.4. | Vigilante audiences

The Erasmus Research Centre of Media, Communication and Culture is calling for chapter proposals for an upcoming, edited book on “Vigilante Audiences”. The volume will be published online in an open access format. The publication project also includes a two-day workshop, to be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in October 2018.

The book will focus around the practice of a kind of vigilantism, in which media audiences take part in public denunciation of someone or something subject to media attention. The coordinators have provided a list of topics that are of especial interest. It includes themes such as:

  • What role do audiences play in denunciatory media (ex: tabloid press; crime-based reality television; populist websites)?
  • How do the press portray user-led shaming practices? How might these representations vary according to social and political context?
  • In what ways do established and emerging mediated vigilante practices shape each other?
  • What kinds of subject positions are typically invoked in the mediated representations of outrage (ex: the ‘failson’, diaosi, etc..)

Extended abstracts should be submitted by April 27, and acceptees will be notified by May 15. First drafts of chapters are expected by December 15, and final chapters are due by May 1 of 2019.

The full call for papers is available on the Erasmus University Rotterdam’s website.

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