CFP | 2.10. | The shifting epistemologies of news in a digital age

The editors to a special issue of the journal New Media & Society are calling for paper proposals. The issue’s theme is “Truth, facts, and fake: The shifting epistemologies of news in a digital age” and it is guest-edited by Mats Ekström and Oscar Westlund, both of the University of Gothenburg, with Seth C. Lewis, of University of Oregon (editor names not in original order).

The journal issue focuses on how the notion of “truth” in digital news is changing. The editors have suggested, among others, the following topics:

  • The epistemology of different forms of journalism
  • The shifting networks of sources on which journalists and other information professionals rely
  • The discursive construction of “truth” and “facts” in the context of news production, distribution, and consumption
  • Notions of “fake news,” “post-truth,” and related controversies brought to light by the 2016 U.S. presidential election
  • Verification on/for social media
  • The development, appropriation, and use of technological systems and tools for verification

Paper abstracts must be submitted by October 2nd 2017 and acceptance notifications will be sent by October 20th. Full papers are due by March 1st 2018.

The full call for papers is available on one of the editors’ web page.

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