CFP | 15.9. | Narratives of Europe in times of crisis

A conference entitled “Tuning into the Noise of Europe: Conference on a new narrative of Europe in times of crisis” is calling for paper proposals. The event will be hosted by the Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands, on January 19th 2018.

The conference is interested in the what ways the idea of Europe is being articulated. The organisers have provided the following (non-exhaustive) list of topic suggestions:

  • The relevance of existing narratives (cosmopolitan Europe narrative, human rights narrative, shared history and goal narrative, European citizenship narrative, free trade narrative)
  • The relevance of subdued narratives (working class, generational gap, North-South divide, East-West divide, minorities etc.)
  • Elite vs non-elite narratives
  • Rival narratives in member states and EU institutions
  • The institutional narrative
  • The communication of European narratives (political communication, position of sender and recipient, malfunctioning of communication)
    Forms of new (more inclusive) dialogues

Abstract submissions are due on September 15th 2017.

The full call for papers is available on the conference website.

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