CFP | 15.4. | Taboo and the Media

The Taboo and the Media conference is now accepting paper proposals. The event will be held at Bertinoro, Italy, between the 20th and 22nd of September 2018.

The conference is broadly interested in changes in how taboo is defined and treated in various media. The topic can be approached from the perspectives of both production and reception. Possible taboo themes, as suggested by the organisers, include:

  • Sex and sexuality (e.g. nudity, non-normative sexual practices, pornography)
  • Racism and sexism (e.g. white supremacy, gender discrimination, transphobia)
  • Death and dying (e.g. mortality, ageing, funerals and burials, fatal accidents)
  • Sickness, disability, and deformity
  • Scatology (e.g. excreta/effluvia)
  • Politics (e.g. political corruption, political incorrectness, prejudice, gender discrimination)
  • Religions and blasphemy (rituals, prejudice, afterlife)
  • Addiction
  • Money (greed, graft, exploitation, waste, extravagance, poverty)
  • Changing social attitudes towards violence, exploitation and abuse (prostitution, slavery, trafficking, rape, children’s rights)

Paper abstracts should be submitted by April 15, and decisions will be communicated by May 15. Note, that the deadline has been extended by one month.

The full call for papers is available on the conference website. The notification on the deadline extensions is available from the ECREA mailing list archive

Edited on 23.3.2018: The submission deadline was extended, and the text was corrected to reflect this.

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