ARTICLE: The Roma, the Sámi, and their journalisms

Untitled by HebiFot, licence CC0 1.0

The two transnational peoples, the Roma and the Sámi, employ different strategies in creating change through journalism, writes Shayna Plaut, of Simon Fraser University. The author interviewed 45 people involved in Roma or Sámi journalism, or journalism education. Observations and documentary sources were also used to compare the differences in how the two transnational peoples see the role of their own journalism.

According to Plaut, the Sámi identity relies heavily in distinguishing them from the majority populations. To this end strictly Sámi media, by Sámi to Sámi, is considered the ideal. As a contrast, the Roma are influenced by experiences of rejection from the larger society, and they would rather use media to alleviate differences and promote integration. Thus introducing Roma journalists and viewpoints into mainstream journalism is seen preferable to a distinctly separate Roma media.

The article Reshaping the borders of journalism was published by the journal Journalism Practice. It is freely available online.

Picture: Untitled by HebiFot, licence CC0 1.0.

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