ARTICLE: “Slow journalism” should be a plural

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“Slow journalism” as a concept should be allowed certain fuzziness, writes Erik Neveu, of Rennes Institute of Political Studies. The author departs his argument from Megan Le Masurier‘s article on the concept, and progresses it with examples of different, and sometimes mutually exclusive, forms of slow journalism.

According to Neveu, the concept of slow journalism is best used as a “Weberian ideal-type” rather than as a description of a specific, real life phenomenon. This lends the concept to critical examination of reality, and allows it to cover much of what considered slow journalism in the vernacular.

Neveu’s article On going too fast with slow journalism was published by the journal Journalism Practice. It is available online (abstract free).

Le Masurier’s article was published in the same journal earlier. It is available here (abstract free).

Picture: Untitled by condesign, licence CC0 1.0.

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