ARTICLE: Mobile users drive user distribution of journalism

Mobile internet users are more active than non-users in user distributed content (UDC), write Mikko Villi and Janne Matikainen, both of University of Helsinki. They surveyd a little over 1 000 Finns about their internet use and their sharing and recommending of online media content, especially news. Indeed, according to the survey news are the most commonly shared type of media.

Social media seems to be a driving element behind content sharing, the authors note. Mobile internet users were found to be noticeably more active social networking site users than their laptop or desktop-bound peers. Villi and Matikainen also asked the respondents of their motivations to distribute content: most prevalent was the content’s ability to “describe [the sharer] as a person”.

The results were published in an online-first article of the journal Mobile Media & Communication, which can be accessed online here.

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