ARTICLE: Different media, different practices

Differences in news making practices of Israeli media have been sketched out by Zvi Reich, of Ben Gurion University of the Negev. Reich conducted interviews with 108 journalists from Israeli newspapers, television and radio stations, and online news sites. By asking the journalists to reminisce randomly selected news pieces of their making, Reich was able to piece together a cross-media comparison of practices.

Against a common view, television journalists were most active in leaving the newsroom for the site of the happening. In other findings, radio and television journalists completed most of their pieces within an hour, while this was uncommon in print and highly uncommon in television. Television journalists usually rely on several sources, while over half (62 %) of radio pieces use only one source.

Reich’s findings were published in an online-first article of the journal Journalism Studies. The article can be accessed here (abstract public).

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