ARTICLE: Data journalism education misses key aspects

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Data journalism education often fails to properly address issues related to ethics, accountability and transparency, write Sergio Splendore, of University of Milan, Philip Di Salvo, of University of Lugano, Tobias Eberwein from the Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies, Harmen Groenhart of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Michal Kus, of University of Wroclaw, and Colin Porlezza, of University of Zurich.

The authors studied the curricula of various institutions offering data journalism education in six European countries (Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom). They also interviewed a total of 16 educators. The team found both differences and similarities between countries. For example, widespread civic data journalism education was found only from Poland and Italy, while vocational training was found to be nonexistent in the two.

A common aspect of data journalism education is, according to the authors, the focus on practical aspects of the trade. This neglects some of the less obvious, yet dramatically important aspects of journalism, such as ethics.

The article Educational strategies in data journalism was published by the journal Journalism. The article is available online (abstract public).

Picture: Untitled by succo, licence CC0 1.0.

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