FOJ15: The Future of Journalism 2015 Conference


The fifth biennial conference The Future of Journalism will start off on Thursday. The two-day event is hosted by the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC) at Cardiff University. The conference is all about journalism and this years theme is ‘Risks, Threats and Opportunities.’

Thursday morning starts at 8:30 with registration and continues with welcome speeches and opening plenary. There are four parallel sessions on both days so if you can’t decide where to go, we have some suggestions here.

[spoiler title=’Thursday 10 September’ collapse_link=’true’]11:30 – 01:00: Session chaired by Glyn Mottershead: Computerisation of Journalism

Juliane Lischka: How social network algorithms change news

Konstantin Dörr & Katherina Hollnbuchner: Ethical Challenges of Algorithmic Journalism Bakker and den Teuling The art of aggregation; how robots work and make money with news

Steve Schifferes, Neil Thurman, Richard Fletcher, Stephen Hunt, Nic Newman & Aljosha Karim Schapals: Giving Computers a No se for News: Exploring the limits of detection and verification

Christer Clerwall Robot Journalism in Swedish newsrooms: an exploratory study of the use of, and attitudes towards automated news content in Swedish newsrooms

02.00 – 03.30: Session chaired by Henrik Ornebring: Risk and Conflict

Stephen Jukes: Journalists at risk –looking beyond just physical safety

Janet Harris & Nick Mosdell: Are female journalists more at risk in covering conflict than their male colleagues?

Bahr Jasim: Managing director of Iraqi photo agency gets detained by ISIS

Rune Ottosen & Marte Hoiby: Journalism under pressure in conflict zones: a survey among journalists in seven countries

04:00 – 05.30: Session chaired by Brian McNair: Journalism and PR

Pytrik Schafraad & Ward Van Zoonen: Do news factors in corporate press releases influence the way journalists treat these press releases?

Daniel Jackson & Kevin Moloney: “A bit of me dies when I see that”: PR perspectives on churnalism

Raul Ferrer Conill: Camouflaging church as state: A study of journalism’s native advertising


[spoiler title=’Friday 11 September’ collapse_link=’true’]09.30 – 11.00: Session chaired by Karin Wahl Jorgensen: Participatory Journalism

Annika Sehl, Volker Lilienthal, Stephen Weichert & Dennis Reineck: Inclusion or exclusion? Content analysis and expert interviews of participatory journalism in Germany

Inka Salovaara: Participatory Maps: Digital Cartographies and New Ecology of Journalism

Chun – Wei Daniel Lin: Mapping Citizen Journalism in Remote Mediascape: A Case Study of Eastern Taiwan

11.30 – 01.00: Session chaire by Sara Moseley: New Business Models

Colleen Murrell: The Guardian: Using online platforms to explore new markets in Australia and the USA

Scheila Silveira & Hannah Spyksma: Factors for the successful financing of journalistic projects on crowdfunding platforms: a case study of Kickstarter

Yael de Haan & Piet Bakker: Critical and creative entrepreneurs: Journalism education in a new era

Ivo Burum: MOJO: transitioning cultural storytellers to alternative sustainable mobile journalism in the Australian outback.

02.00 – 03.30: Session chaired by Andrew Williams: News and Social Media

Catia Mateus & Marisa Torres de Silva: The social media use by Portuguese journalists: key issues and ethical challenge

Monika Djerf-Pierre, Marina Ghersetti & Ulrika Hedman: Appropriating social media: The changing uses of social media among journalists across time

Niina Niskala, Maija Penttinen, Jukka Jouhki, Epp Lauk & Turo Uskali: Fifth Estate as a New Societal Agenda Setter: Facebook ad hoc groups’ communicative behaviour and news flows in Finland

Daniel Bennett: Sourcing the BBC’s live online coverage: Eyewitnesses, ‘non-official’ sources and the ‘normalisation’ of Twitter

Marcus Messner & Osita Iroegbu: Mobile news reporting on Instagram: How major US news organisations engage their audiences via visuaL social media [/spoiler]

The entire conference program can be seen online here. Other information is available on the event’s website here.

Twitter: #FOJ15

Picture by Turo Uskali

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