Populist anchoring style in Fox News and The Young Turks

The study “Comparing Populist Media: From Fox News to the Young Turks, From Cable to YouTube, From Right to Left” by Reece Peck from College of Staten Island, CUNY compared the right-wing, populist Fox News to the progressive Young Turks Youtube channel, which is similarly populist in its anchoring style. Fox News has enjoyed a … Continued

Mapping of right-wing media critique about to launch

A new research project on the media critique presented by right-wing populists is in the making. Kristoffer Holt, of Linnaeus University, presented the results of a pilot study in the same vein in late January. The event, an European Union funded COST Early Stage Researchers Think Tank, was held in Zürich. Holt studied the strains … Continued

Now online: Diversity and populism in The Netherlands

The December issue of European Communication Journal is now out and available online. It features five articles, previously published online first earlier this year. Of interest to journalism scholars are two articles on the Dutch media. In a rare longitudinal study the diversity, in terms of parties and issues, present in political news was researched … Continued