A review of studies on peace journalism

The article “Mapping Peace Journalism: Toward a Shared Understanding of Success” by Meagan E. Doll and Patricia Moy from University of Washington was a review article of 106 studies looking at a fairly new form of journalism and studies around it: peace journalism. The normative assumption of peace journalism is that its existence should correspond … Continued

Adoption of Peace Journalism framework to covering Covid-19

New article “Covering the Covid-19 Pandemic Using Peace Journalism Approach” by Metin Ersoy and Tamar Haruna Dambo from Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, North Cyprus studies Peace Journalism in the context of Covid-19 coverage in online news outlets.  The study proposes two research questions: 1) which news stories about Covid-19 reflect PJ principles in selected … Continued

ARTICLE: Local news, citizen sources, peace journalism and more

A new issue of International Journal of Communication has been published. We cherry-picked the articles written about European journalism or by European journalism scholars, paraphrased below. Manuel Goyanes of Carlos III University writes about the willingness the pay for local news in the digital environment. He has analysed the relationships between paying intent and predictor variables such as demographics, … Continued