A Lefebvrian analysis of news audiences’ media day

In a new study “The Media Day, Revisited: Rhythm, Place and Hyperlocal Information Environments”  Henrik Örnebring and Erika Hellekant Rowe of Karlstad University combined Henri Lefebvre’s concepts of rhythmanalysis and the media day with Ray Oldenburg’s notion of the third place. This was done to understand how news audience members’ everyday experiences relate to hyperlocal … Continued

ARTICLE: Generation C uses all available sources to receive local news

Generation C has always been a challenging group for news organizations. New research identified Generation C’s local news repertoires, and build an integrated model of multiplatform news consumption. According to a the study, Generation C (also Millennials, born between 1982 and 1996) is willing to use all available sources to receive local news: traditional local news … Continued