ARTICLE: Generation C uses all available sources to receive local news

Generation C has always been a challenging group for news organizations. New research identified Generation C’s local news repertoires, and build an integrated model of multiplatform news consumption.

According to a the study, Generation C (also Millennials, born between 1982 and 1996) is willing to use all available sources to receive local news: traditional local news sources, web location-independent news sources, and “push” news source. The study also identified three types of audiences of local news: heavy local news seekers, determined location-independent news seekers, and light local news seekers.

The scholars, Tang Tang (The University of Akron) and Chih-Hui Lai (National Chiao Tung University), conducted the survey in November 2015, and the sample consisted of 215 students enrolled at the Midwestern University in the United States.

By 2020, Generation C will comprise the largest group of news consumers in many countries.

The article “Managing old and new in local newsrooms: an analysis of Generation C’s multiplatform local news repertoires” was published in Journal of Media Business Studies and is available on the publisher’s website (abstract free).

Picture: Legs by Mari, licence CC BY 2.0

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