ARTICLE: Young lifestyle journalists experience most commercial influence

Age correlates strongly with how much commercial influence lifestyle journalists report, University of Vienna researchers Folker Hanusch, Sandra Banjac and Phoebe Maares write. They analysed data from a survey of 616 Australian lifestyle journalists. Overall, lifestyle journalists reported relatively little outside influence to their work. However, this estimate might not be completely true, the authors … Continued

Picture: What’s going on here by John Schnobrich, license CC0 1.0

ARTICLE: How advertising tech firms see fake news, and how this affects the business of journalism

Different online marketing platforms and programmatic advertising has made it possible to profit from producing fake news. On the other hand, also legitimate news organizations use this infrastructure and the same tools for their livelihood. Joshua A. Braun and Jessica L. Eklund, of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, wanted to find out how the programmatic … Continued