Soft censorship on the rise in Hungary

Untitled by stevepb, licence CC0 1.0

Media in Hungary is suffering from more or less veiled censorship, recent reports state. Zoltan Sipos, writing on the Index on Censorship website, goes through the 15 violations reported to the Mapping Media Freedom project in late 2015. Similar findings were already present in a 2013 WAN-IFRA report on the country.

According to Sipos Hungarian media is facing increasing restrictions, and the country has the second highest number of verified violations against press freedom within the European Union. The latest fifteen incidents provide a glimpse into the common methods of ‘soft’ censorship, such as lawsuits against journalists, exclusion of journalists from media events, and tightening media legislation. Links to further information on each incident are provided.

Sipos’s article Hungary: Independent media facing soft censorship is available on the Index on Censorship website.
The 2013 report Capturing them softly is available on the Soft Censorship project’s website (PDF file).

Picture: Untitled by stevepb, licence CC0 1.0.

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