Research of September 2019

Journalism Research of September 2019

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in Septmeber 2019 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2019-09-30A catastrophic media failure? Russiagate, Trump and the illusion of truth: The dangers of innuendo and narrative repetitionGraham MajinJournalism
2019-09-30The Smells, Sights, and Pleasures of Ink on Paper: The Consumption of Print Newspapers During a Period Marked by Their CrisisPablo J. Boczkowski, Eugenia Mitchelstein & Facundo SuenzoJournalism Studies
2019-09-30Press Credentials and Hybrid Boundary Zones: The Case of WorldNetDaily and the Standing Committee of CorrespondentsJordan M. FoleyJournalism Practice
2019-09-27Loved and feared in fortress Europe: Framing the European refugee crisisSerena Daalmans, Gabi Schaap & Maureen RoversThe European Journal of Communication Research
2019-09-26The Journalist as a Detective: The Media Insights and Critique in Post-1991 American, Russian and Swedish Crime NovelsPatrik Åker & Andrei RogatchevskiJournalism Studies
2019-09-26Second Screening and the Engaged Public: The Role of Second Screening for News and Political Expression in an O-S-R-O-R ModelHsuan-Ting ChenJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-09-25Navigating between Protest Theatre and Journalism in Post-2000 Zimbabwe: A Study of All System Out of OrderTheophilus Tinashe Nenjerama & Nkululeko SibandaCommunication
2019-09-25Negativity and Political Debates: The 2014 National and Provincial Elections in South AfricaJean-Jacques BoshoffCommunication
2019-09-25Angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed: The emotional experience of consuming news about President TrumpMaría Celeste Wagner & Pablo J. BoczkowskiJournalism
2019-09-25Business as Usual? A Social Capital Approach to Understanding Interactions with Journalists on TwitterMatthew Barnidge, Will Heath, Jiehua Zhang &Ryan BroussardJournalism Studies
2019-09-25All News is “Glocal?” Considerations of Community and Personal Privacy with Global Publication of Local NewsChris RobertsJournal of Media Ethics
2019-09-24Training the next generation of small newspaper owners in West Virginia and beyondDane S. ClaussenNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-24Using Crime News Reporting Themes to Predict Image Inclusion in Newspaper Homicide ArticlesWalter Works & Jennifer S. WongJournalism Studies
2019-09-24The influence of new and traditional media coverage on public attention to social movements: the case of the Dakota Access Pipeline protestsKate Hunt & Mike GruszczynskiInformation, Communication & Society
2019-09-23A narrative solution: The relationship between solutions journalism, narrative transportation, and news trustKathryn Thier, Jesse Abdenour, Brent Walth, Nicole Smith DahmenJournalism
2019-09-23Effects of journalism awards as quality signals on demandChristian-Mathias Wellbrock, Marvin WolframJournalism
2019-09-23Keeping it local: Can collaborations help save local public interest journalism?Vanessa WiltshireReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2019-09-23Rethinking China’s global ‘propaganda’ blitzFalk HartigGlobal Media and Communication
2019-09-23Mocking the “Messiah”: Editorial Cartoons and Critiques of Journalists' “Obamamania”Lori HensonVisual Communication Quarterly
2019-09-23A Process Analysis of Message Style and Persuasion: The Effects of Gain-Loss Framing and Emotion-Inducing ImageryKiwon Seo & James Price DillardVisual Communication Quarterly
2019-09-22The voice of the prison and “wars of position”: a discourse analysis of a Venezuelan prison newspaperCory Fischer-HoffmanCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-09-20Mediating Roles of News Curation and News Elaboration in the Relationship between Social Media Use for News and Political KnowledgeChang Sup Park & Barbara K. KayeJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-09-20The Roles of Different News Media Use and Press Freedom in Education Generated Participation Inequality: An Eight Country Comparative AnalysisSaifuddin Ahmed & Jaeho ChoJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-09-20Conferring Resistance to Digital Disinformation: The Inoculating Influence of Procedural News KnowledgeMichelle A. Amazeen & Erik P. BucyJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-09-20The Sinclair Effect: Comparing Ownership Influences on Bias in Local TV News ContentKylah J. Hedding, Kaitlin C. Miller, Jesse Abdenour & Justin C. BlankenshipJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2019-09-19The effectiveness of credibility indicator interventions in a partisan contextMegan DuncanNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-19News on Facebook: How Facebook and Newspapers Build Mutual Brand Loyalty Through Audience EngagementVictoria Y. Chen, Paromita PainJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-09-19Visualizing teens and technology: A social semiotic analysis of stock photography and news media imageryCrispin Thurlow, Giorgia Aiello, Lara PortmannNew Media & Society
2019-09-19The Media’s Conditional Agenda-Setting Power: How Baselines and Spikes of Issue Salience Affect Likelihood and Strength of Agenda-SettingStefan GeißCommunication Research
2019-09-19News consumption of hard and soft topics in Spain: Sources, formats and access routesMaría Pilar Martínez-Costa, Cristina Sánchez-Blanco & Javier Serrano-PucheThe European Journal of Communication Research
2019-09-18D.C. news media coverage of the district’s Death With Dignity ActKimberly A. Lauffer, Sean D. Baker, Natalee SeelyNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-18(Mis)matching: Journalistic uses of gender pronouns and names can influence implicit attitudes toward transgender people, perceived news content credibility, and perceived reporter professionalismMinjie LiNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-18News Media Literacy: Effects of ConsumptionChristine McWhorterInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Whose Death Matters? A Quantitative Analysis of Media Attention to Deaths of Black Americans in Police Confrontations, 2013–2016Ethan Zuckerman, J. Nathan Matias, Rahul Bhargava, Fernando Bermejo, Allan KoInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Communication, Culture, and Governance in Asia| Opinion Leadership, Media Use, and Environmental Engagement in ChinaMarko M. Skoric, Nan ZhangInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Peeling Back the Onion: Formative Agenda Building in Business JournalismMatthew W. Ragas, Hai L. TranInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Political Elites' Use of Fake News Discourse Across Communications PlatformsKate Farhall, Andrea Carson, Scott Wright, Andrew Gibbons, William LukamtoInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-18Media studies in the UKP. GoldingPublizistik
2019-09-18Control over stories of illness and life: The case of a career media participant turned media professionalEspen YtrebergNordicom Review
2019-09-18Press freedom and corruption: An examination of the relationshipBasyouni Ibrahim Hamada, Abdel-Salam G Abdel-Salam, Elsayed Abdelwahed ElkilanyGlobal Media and Communication
2019-09-17A Computational Analysis of News Media Bias: A South African Case StudyLaurenz A. Cornelissen, Lucia I. Daly, Qhama Sinandile, Heinrich de Lange, Richard J. Barnett</iSAICSIT '19 Proceedings of the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists 2019
2019-09-17A tale of four cities: A semantic analysis comparing the newspaper coverage of air pollution in Hong Kong, London, Pittsburgh, and Tianjin from 2014 to 2017Tongxin Sun, Bu ZhongNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-17Toward quality discourse: Measuring the effect of user identity in commenting forumsArthur D. SantanaNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-17Making the 21st Century Mobile Journalist: Examining Definitions and Conceptualizations of Mobility and Mobile Journalism within Journalism EducationMatthew N. Bui & Rachel E. MoranDigital Journalism
2019-09-17The meanings of racism: Public discourses about racism in Finnish news media and online discussion forumsMervi Pantti, Matti Nelimarkka, Kaarina Nikunen, Gavan TitleyEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-09-17Diversifying or Reinforcing Science Communication? Examining the Flow of Frame Contagion Across Media PlatformsS. Mo Jones-Jang, P. Sol Hart, Lauren Feldman, Won-Ki MoonJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-09-17The Use of Social Media by Chinese Climate Journalists: A Case Study of COP21Yeheng Pan, Michaël Opgenhaffen & Baldwin Van GorpJournalism Practice
2019-09-17New issue of Sur le journalismeSur le journalisme
2019-09-17Hybrids, materiality, and black boxes: Concepts of actor‐network theory in data journalism researchFlorian StalphSociology Compass
2019-09-16‘Manufactured hysteria’: audience perceptions of sensationalism and moral panic in Australian news representations of asylum seekersAshleigh L HawMedia International Australia
2019-09-16None of your business: Media companies and disclosure of employment reductionsStuart C. BabingtonNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-16“This is (Not) Journalism”: Corruption, Subterfuge, and Metajournalistic Discourses on Undercover Journalism in GhanaSylvester Senyo Ofori-Parku & Kwaku BotweJournalism Studies
2019-09-16Journalists and Their Perceptions of Location: Making Meaning in the CommunityAmy Schmitz WeissJournalism Studies
2019-09-16Did the European Migrant Crisis Change News Coverage of Immigration? A Longitudinal Analysis of Immigration Television News and the Actors Speaking in ItKathleen Beckers & Peter Van AelstMass Communication and Society
2019-09-16Framing nitrogen pollution in the British press: 1984–2018Angela Zottola, Dimitrinka Atanasova, Emma Cardwell, John Forrester, Carly StevensDiscourse & Communication
2019-09-13Narcos addiction: A three-decade content analysis of the representation of Colombia in The New York Times and on IMDb.comDavid BockinoNewspaper Research Journal
2019-09-12Neoliberal rationality and the consumption of biased news: theorizing the neoliberal subjectivation of news media audiencesRobert MarinovCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-09-12Towards an Institutional News Logic of Digital Native News Media? A Case Study of BuzzFeed’s Reporting During the 2015 and 2017 UK General Election CampaignsRichard Thomas & Stephen CushionDigital Journalism
2019-09-12The Use of Generic Frames in Elite Press: Between Conflict, Neutrality, and an Empowered JournalistMaria-Elena Gronemeyer, Monserrat del Pino & William PorathJournalism Practice
2019-09-12Beyond “Woodstein”: Narratives of Investigative JournalismSandford Borins & Beth HerstJournalism Practice
2019-09-12Local News on Facebook
Assessing the Critical Information Needs Served through
Facebook’s TodayIn Feature
Matthew Weber, Peter Andringa & Philip M. NapoliPre-publication draft of News Measures Research Project
2019-09-11News translation, the Korean Other and the construction of Chinese national identity: the case of Ltaaa.comThomas ChaseMedia International Australia
2019-09-11Partisan Media in a Politically Charged Zimbabwe: Public and Private Media Framing of 2018 ElectionsSimon MatingwinaAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-09-11Terry Pettus and the 1936 Seattle Newspaper Strike: Pivotal Success for the Early American Newspaper GuildCindy ElmoreAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11“Fully Conscious of Their Power”: Nineteenth-Century Michigan Editors Search for Journalistic ProfessionalismStephen A. BanningAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11The Mysterious Mr. Maxwell and Room M-1: Clandestine Influences on American Postal Censorship during World War IAlexander S. LeidholdtAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11Westbrook Pegler and the Rise of the Syndicated ColumnistPhilip GlendeAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11The “Sound of an Extra”: Representing Civil War Newsboys by Pen and in PrintRonald J. Zboray & Mary Saracino ZborayAmerican Journalism
2019-09-11A Personalized Self-image: Gender and Branding Practices Among JournalistsLogan MolyneuxSocial Media + Society
2019-09-11Does Too Much News on Social Media Discourage News Seeking? Mediating Role of News Efficacy Between Perceived News Overload and News Avoidance on Social MediaChang Sup ParkSocial Media + Society
2019-09-10The Effects of Mobile Push Notifications on News Consumption and LearningNatalie Jomini Stroud, Cynthia Peacock & Alexander L. CurryDigital Journalism
2019-09-10Media Effects and Marginalized Ideas: Relationships Among Media Consumption and Support for Black Lives MatterDanielle Kilgo, Rachel R. MourãoInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-10“It Has to Be in One’s Head and Heart”: The Understanding of Journalism Ethics in Latvian MediaIanis BucholtzJournalism Studies
2019-09-10Old, Educated, and Politically Diverse: The Audience of Public Service NewsAnne Schulz, David A. L. Levy, and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2019-09-09From Inside the Rhizome: Mapping the Greek Alternative MediascapePantelis Vatikiotis, Dimitra L. MilioniInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-09Mediatized Rituals: Understanding the Media in the Age of Deep MediatizationXi CuiInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-09Self-Censorship of the Nira Radia Tapes: A Critical Juncture in the Indian Journalistic FieldSwati MaheshwariInternational Journal of Communication
2019-09-09Examining Motivations and Strategies for Integrating Social Media Technologies Into the ClassroomBrooke AuxierJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-09-09Climate change in China: A study of news diversity in party-sponsored and market-oriented newspapersRan Duan, Serena MillerJournalism
2019-09-09Maintainers of Ethnic Hierarchies? Investigating the Relationship Between Media Use and Attitudes Toward Perceived Remote Versus Perceived Close ImmigrationNora TheorinMass Communication and Society
2019-09-09New media, old paradigms: News representations of technology in adolescent sexual assaultAnna GjikaCrime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
2019-09-06How Rwandan Journalists Use WhatsApp to Advance Their Profession and Collaborate for the Good of Their CountryKaren McIntyre & Meghan SobelDigital Journalism
2019-09-06Detached or Interventionist? Comparing the Performance of Watchdog Journalism in Transitional, Advanced and Non-democratic CountriesMireya Márquez-Ramírez, Claudia Mellado, María Luisa Humanes, Adriana Amado, Daniel Beck, Sergey Davydov, et al.The International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-09-06Reddening or Reckoning? An Essay on China’s Shadow on Hong Kong Media 22 Years after Handover from British RuleStuart LauReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-09-06Framing Gender Justice: A comparative analysis of the media coverage of #metoo in Denmark and SwedenTina Askanius and Jannie Møller HartleyNordicom Review
2019-09-05New Economy Narrative?: A Comparative Analysis of Technology and Economic Recovery in the Business PressKyle KublerJournalism Practice
2019-09-04How Newsrooms Use User Generated ContentKadia TubmanReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism fellow paper
2019-09-03From Open Journalism to Closed Data: Data Journalism in ItalyColin Porlezza & Sergio SplendoreDigital Journalism
2019-09-03Best Practices for Journalistic Balance: Gatekeeping, Imbalance and the Fake News EraJanelle BenhamJournalism Practice
2019-09-02New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2019-09-02How Young People Consume News and the Implications for Mainstream MediaFlamingo consultancyA report by Flamingo commissioned
by the Reuters Institute for the Study
of Journalism, Oxford University
2019-09-01News From the Background to the Foreground: How People Use Technology To Manage Media TransitionsJordan Wirfs-Brock, Katie QuehlProceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies
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