Research of March 2020

Journalism Research of March 2020

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in March 2020 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2020-03-31‘A journalism of fear’Chris W AndersonJournalism
2020-03-30Local-Language Radio Stations in Kenya: Helpful or Harmful?Meghan Sobel Cohen & Karen McIntyreAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-03-30From Novelty to Normalization? How Journalists Use the Term “Fake News” in their ReportingJana Laura Egelhofer, Loes Aaldering, Jakob-Moritz Eberl, Sebastian Galyga & Sophie LechelerJournalism Studies
2020-03-30Disappearing acts: Content moderation and emergent practices to preserve at-risk human rights–related contentAnna Veronica BanchikNew Media & Society
2020-03-29A case of double standards? Audience attitudes to professional norms on local and English language radio news programmes in GhanaAudrey Gadzekpo, Abena Animwaa Yeboah-Banin, Sarah Akrofi-QuarcooJournal of African Media Studies
2020-03-29The portrayal of victims of intimate femicide in the South African mediaAmanda SpiesJournal of African Media Studies
2020-03-29So, who is responsible? A framing analysis of newspaper coverage of electoral violence in ZimbabweAllen MunoriyarwaJournal of African Media Studies
2020-03-29Why the fruit picker smiles in an anti-corruption story: Analyzing evaluative clash and news value construction in online news discourse in ChinaJuan He, Helen CapleDiscourse, Context & Media
2020-03-26News Media Logic and Democracy: Strange Bedfellows in Political News-making Practices of Private Radio Stations in GhanaSally Osei-AppiahAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-03-26The discursive construction of the gamification of journalismTim P. Vos, Gregory P PerreaultConvergence
2020-03-26Creating realities across languages and modalities: Multimodal recontextualization in the translation of online news reportsThulfiqar H.M. AltahmaziDiscourse, Context & Media
2020-03-26Mediemangfoldsregnskapet 2020 - media pluralism in Norway (report in Norwegian)Norwegian Media Authority (Medietilsynet)
2020-03-25Faking Alternative Journalism? An Analysis of Self-Presentations of “Fake News” SitesCraig T. Robertson & Rachel R. MourãoDigital Journalism
2020-03-25Radio Journalism and Women's Empowerment in NigerEmma HeywoodJournalism Studies
2020-03-25Artistic Journalism: Confluence in Forms, Values and PracticesStijn Postema & Mark DeuzeJournalism Studies
2020-03-25Americans who primarily get news through social media are least likely to follow COVID-19 coverage, most likely to report seeing made-up newsMark Jurkowitzx, Amy MitchellPew Research Center Survey
2020-03-25Finnish Media and Communication Policy Monitoring report 2019 (full report in Finnish)Marko Ala-Fossi, Katja Lehtisaari, Heikki Hellman and Mikko GrönlundFinnish Ministry of Transport and Communications
2020-03-24When the News Takes Sides: Automated Framing Analysis of News Coverage of the Rohingya Crisis by the Elite Press from Three CountriesHong Tien Vu & Nyan LynnJournalism Studies
2020-03-24Fake News and the 2017 Kenyan ElectionsPatrick Mutahi & Brian KimariCommunicatio
2020-03-23Protecting News Companies and Their Readers: Exploring Social Media Policies in Latin American NewsroomsSummer HarlowDigital Journalism
2020-03-23“A Future to Believe in”: Introducing Varieties of Advocacy Journalism. The Examples Sustainability and the Sanders CampaignNorman Laws & Joanna ChojnickaJournalism Studies
2020-03-23Is News Surveillance Related to Cancer Knowledge in Underserved Adults? Testing Three Versions of the Cognitive Mediation ModelJakob D. Jensen, Andy J. King, Debora Perez Torres, Melinda Krakow, Kevin Coe & Sean UpshawJournalism Studies
2020-03-23The Ineffectiveness of Fact-checking Labels on News Memes and ArticlesAnne Oeldorf-Hirsch, Mike Schmierbach, Alyssa AppelmanMass Communication and Society
2020-03-23That’s Not News: Audience Perceptions of ‘News-ness’ and Why it MattersStephanie Edgerly & Emily K. VragaMass Communication and Society
2020-03-23Examining the journalistic genres hybridisation in content published by newspapers on Facebook LiveJuliana Colussi & Paula Melani RochaThe Journal of International Communication
2020-03-22Nick, Nick. Who’s There? Ethical Considerations When Reporting on the Dark NetLiv Iren HognestadJournalism Practice
2020-03-22When media become the mirror: a meta-analysis on media and body imageQian Huang, Wei Peng & Soyeon AhnMedia Psychology
2020-03-20Hostile Emotions in News Comments: A Cross-National Analysis of Facebook DiscussionsEdda Humprecht, Lea Hellmueller, Juliane A. LischkaSocial Media + Society
2020-03-19What Makes a Media Entrepreneur? Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention of Mass Communication StudentsChristopher Buschow, Rabea LaugemannJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-03-19Mismatch between Theory and Practice? Perceptions of Ethiopian Journalists towards Applying Journalism Education in Professional News ProductionKibrom Berhane GessesseAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-03-19Succession Politics and Factional Journalism in Zimbabwe: A Case of The Chronicle in ZimbabweWallace Chuma, Mbongeni J. Msimanga & Lungile A. TshumaAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-03-19Concurrent Media News Use and Gender-Based Political Participation Inequality in a Low-Income DemocracySaifuddin AhmedInternational Journal of Public Opinion Research
2020-03-18Placeification: The Transformation of Digital News Spaces into “Places” of MeaningRobert E. Gutsche, Jr. & Kristy HessDigital Journalism
2020-03-18Longform Journalism in the USA and Germany: Patterns in Award-Winning Digital Storytelling ProductionsRosanna Planer & Alexander GodullaJournalism Practice
2020-03-18The culture of free: Construct explication and democratic ramifications for readers’ willingness to pay for public affairs newsManuel Goyanes, Marton Demeter, Laura de GradoJournalism
2020-03-18Emotionalization in the Media Coverage of Honey Bee Colony LossesBrigitte Huber, Ingrid AichbergerMedia and Communication
2020-03-18Shooting for neutrality? Analysing bias in terrorism reports in Dutch newspapersLinda de Veen, Richard ThomasMedia, War & Conflict
2020-03-17What Affects First- and Second-Level Selective Exposure to Journalistic News? A Social Media Online ExperimentJakob Ohme & Cornelia MothesJournalism Studies
2020-03-17It takes a village to manipulate the media: coordinated link sharing behavior during 2018 and 2019 Italian electionsFabio Giglietto, Nicola Righetti, Luca Rossi & Giada MarinoInformation, Communication & Society
2020-03-16Framing Refugees: The Impact of Religious Frames on U.S. Partisans and Consumers of Cable News MediaRita NassarPolitical Communication
2020-03-16The Recycling of News in Swedish Newspapers: Reused quotations and reports in articles about the crisis in the Swedish Academy in 2018Sanna SkärlundNordicom Review
2020-03-14The Relationship Between Fox News Use and Americans’ Policy Preferences Regarding Refugees and ImmigrantsJennifer Hoewe, Cynthia Peacock, Bumsoo Kim, Matthew BarnidgeInternational Journal of Communication
2020-03-13Polarization and partisanship: Key drivers of distrust in media old and new?Jane Suiter, Richard FletcherEuropean Journal of Communication
2020-03-13The Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Journalistic Interviewing CompetenciesSerena Miller, Anthony Cepak, Zhao PengElectronic News
2020-03-13Sources on social media: Information context collapse and volume of content as predictors of source blindnessGeorge PearsonNew Media & Society
2020-03-12Post-Publication Gatekeeping: The Interplay of Publics, Platforms, Paraphernalia, and Practices in the Circulation of NewsAlfred HermidaJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-03-12The Journalist's Speech: A Phenomenological Study of Stuttering in the NewsroomElia PowersJournalism Studies
2020-03-12Exploring the Influence of Comment Tone and Content in Response to Misinformation in Social Media NewsJi Won Kim & Gina Masullo ChenJournalism Practice
2020-03-12The Impact of Terrorist Attack News on Moral IntuitionsRon Tamborini, Lindsay Hahn, Melinda Aley, Sujay Prabhu, Joshua Baldwin, Neha Sethi, Eric Novotny, Brian Klebig & Matthias HoferCommunication Studies
2020-03-12Media coverage of women in politics: Mexican local politicians on campaignFernanda Vidal-CorreaThe Journal of International Communication
2020-03-11“Wearing a Bullet-Proof Vest”: Social Media Use in Journalism Production Within African–Intercontinental Investigative NetworksRuona MeyerAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-03-11Telling the Story and Telling the Story Not: U.S. Army-Media Relations During the Battle of ManilaNicholas Evan SarantakesAmerican Journalism
2020-03-11The Magnifying Effect of Television News: Civil Rights Coverage and Eyes on the PrizeKathleen WickhamAmerican Journalism
2020-03-11“It would be for the best to suspend publication”: The German–American Press and Anti-German Hysteria During World War IKevin GrievesAmerican Journalism
2020-03-11Mississippi’s Forgotten Son: Billy Barton and his Journalistic Battle for Redemption in the “Closed Society”Jason A. PetersonAmerican Journalism
2020-03-11Scandalous?! Examining the Differential Effects of News Coverage About (Non-)Severe Political Misconduct on Voting Intentions and News Source EvaluationsChristian von SikorskiJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-03-11Hyperlocals Matter: Prioritising Politics When Others Don’tLottie JangdalJournalism Practice
2020-03-11Techlash? America’s growing concern with major technology companiesGallup, Inc.Knight Foundation Report
2020-03-10Restructuring Democratic Infrastructures: A Policy Approach to the Journalism CrisisVictor PickardDigital Journalism
2020-03-10State Aid for Independent News Journalism in the Public Interest? A Critical Debate of Government Funding Models and Principles, the Market Failure Paradigm, and Policy EfficacyPaul Clemens MurschetzDigital Journalism
2020-03-10Journalism as an Advocacy Tool: Negotiating Boundaries of Professionalism in the 20th-Century American Environmental MovementSuzannah Evans ComfortJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-03-10How News Images Affect Clicking on Subscription AppealsJessica Collier, Yujin Kim & Natalie Jomini StroudJournalism Practice
2020-03-10‘The Bully of the World’
The Queensland Press and Germany, August 1914–April 1915
Martin Kerby & Margaret BaguleyMedia History
2020-03-10Sorting the News: How Ranking by Popularity Polarizes Our PoliticsYotam Shmargad & Samara KlarPolitical Communication
2020-03-09Big Brother is Watching: Surveillance Regulation and its Effects on Journalistic Practices in ZimbabweAllen Munoriyarwa & Sarah H. ChiumbuAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-03-09The Political and Economic History of Swaziland’s First Indigenous-language Newspaper, Izwi Lama Swazi (The Voice of the Swazi)Maxwell Vusumuzi MthembuAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-03-09Computational News Discovery: Towards Design Considerations for Editorial Orientation Algorithms in JournalismNicholas DiakopoulosDigital Journalism
2020-03-09Still Unwilling to Pay: An Empirical Analysis of 50 U.S. Newspapers’ Digital Subscription ResultsHsiang Iris Chyi & Yee Man Margaret NgDigital Journalism
2020-03-09Discussing Emotions in Digital JournalismKristin Skare OrgeretDigital Journalism
2020-03-09Racializing Captain America: How Racial Attitudes Affect Perceptions of Affirmative Action and Diversity Initiatives in MediaS. R. Gubitz, Denzel AvantJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-03-09Coverage of the Commanders in Chief: Differences of Presidential Images Between the United States and KoreaYung Soo Kim & Deborah S. ChungVisual Communication Quarterly
2020-03-08Women and Leadership in the News Media 2020: Evidence from Ten MarketsSimge Andi, Meera Selva, Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism factsheet
2020-03-07Different shows, different stories: How German TV formats challenged the government’s framing of the Ukraine crisisDennis Lichtenstein, Katharina KoerthMedia, War & Conflict
2020-03-06Marking 40 Years of Newspaper Research JournalMarc Edge, Hsiang Iris Chyi, Kelly Kaufhold, Mitch McKenney, Dane S. ClaussenNewspaper Research Journal
2020-03-06Did It Really Happen? How the Public Interprets Journalistic DisclaimersJacob Sohlberg, Bengt Johansson, Peter EsaiassonJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-03-06Ethics of Authenticity: Social Media Influencers and the Production of Sponsored ContentMariah L. Wellman, Ryan Stoldt, Melissa Tully & Brian EkdaleJournal of Media Ethics
2020-03-06Relatively Democratic: How Perceived Internet Interference Shapes Attitudes about DemocracyElizabeth StoycheffThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-03-06Reconstructing investigative journalism at emerging organisationsMaria Konow-LundThe Journal of Media Innovations
2020-03-06The putative reader in mass media persuasion – stance, argumentation and ideologyPeter R.R. WhiteDiscourse & Communication
2020-03-06Representations of LGBTQ+ issues in China in its official English-language media: a corpus-assisted critical discourse studyGuofeng Wang & Xueqin MaCritical Discourse Studies
2020-03-05Reluctant to Criticize: Media, Academia, and the Press Council Without a HomeStephen BatesJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-03-05“It’s Anonymous. It’s The Economist”. The Journalistic and Business Value of AnonymityÁngel ArreseJournalism Practice
2020-03-05Hyperpartisan news: Rethinking the media for populist politicsMaria RaeNew Media & Society
2020-03-05Disinformation by Design: The Use of Evidence Collages and Platform Filtering in a Media Manipulation CampaignP. M. Krafft & Joan DonovanPolitical Communication
2020-03-05Artificial Intelligence in the Dutch Press: An Analysis of Topics and TrendsMaurice VergeerCommunication Studies
2020-03-04About one-fifth of Democrats and Republicans get political news in a kind of media bubbleMark Jurkowitz, Amy MitchellPew Research Center report
2020-03-04Ethiopia’s Hate Speech Predicament: Seeking Antidotes Beyond a Legislative ResponseTéwodros W. WorknehAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-03-04Probing peace journalism: The discursive construction of blackness within the racial democracy of ColombiaCarlos A Cortés-Martínez, Ryan J. ThomasJournalism
2020-03-04Electoral Reckonings: Press Criticism of Presidential Campaign Coverage, 2000-2016Elizabeth Bent, Kimberly Kelling & Ryan J. ThomasJournal of Media Ethics
2020-03-04Populist Attitudes and Selective Exposure to Online News: A Cross-Country Analysis Combining Web Tracking and SurveysSebastian Stier, Nora Kirkizh, Caterina Froio, Ralph SchroederThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-03-04Approaching public perceptions of datafication through the lens of inequality: a case study in public service mediaHelen Kennedy, Robin Steedman & Rhianne JonesInformation, Communication & Society
2020-03-03Mapping Change in Canada’s Local News Landscape: An Investigation of Research Impact on Public PolicyApril Lindgren, Jon Corbett & Jaigris HodsonDigital Journalism
2020-03-03Extending media system dependency theory to informational media use and environmentalism: A cross-national studyXinzhi Zhang, Zhi-Jin ZhongTelematics and Informatics
2020-03-02APPsolutely trustworthy? Perceptions of trust and bias in mobile appsBarbara K. Kaye & Thomas J. JohnsonAtlantic Journal of Communication
2020-03-02Engagement With Live Blogs: When Passive Consumption Overpowers ParticipationMirjana PanticElectronic News
2020-03-02“Tell Me Something Good”: Testing the Longitudinal Effects of Constructive News Using the Google AssistantKaren McIntyreElectronic News
2020-03-02Genocide, rape, and careless disregard: media ethics and the problematic reporting on Yazidi survivors of ISIS captivitySherizaan Minwalla, Johanna E. Foster & Sarah McGrailFeminist Media Studies
2020-03-02Refocusing Statutory Underpinning: Media Regulation and Accountability post-LevesonSteven MarasJournal of Media Ethics
2020-03-01Would You Like to Hear the News?: Investigating Voice-Based Suggestions for Conversational News RecommendationHarshita Sahijwani, Jason Ingyu Choi, Eugene AgichteinCHIIR '20: Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval
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