Research of June 2018

Journalism research of June 2018

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in June 2018 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

Note that the list may be incomplete. If you find that a publication is missing, let us know!

PublishedTitleAuthorsJournal / publisher
2018-06-01Constructive journalism: Concepts, practices, and discoursesJelle Mast, Roel Coesemans, Martina TemmermanJournalism
2018-06-03Framing Ferguson: The interplay of advocacy and journalistic frames in local and national newspaper coverage of Michael BrownRachel R Mourão, Danielle K Kilgo, George SylvieJournalism
2018-06-05The politics of impunity: A study of journalists’ experiential accounts of impunity in Bulgaria, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Mexico and PakistanJackie Harrison, Stefanie PukallusJournalism
2018-06-05Finding the news and mapping the links: a case study of hypertextuality in Dutch-language health news websitesJoyce StroobantInformation, Communication & Society
2018-06-05Mediated Personalization of Executive European Union Politics: Examining Patterns in the Broadsheet Coverage of the European Commission, 1992–2016Katjana GattermannThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2018-06-06Editorial Representations of the National Standards Education Policy
Populism, the journalistic identity and the citizen-consumer
Leon A. SalterJournalism Studies
2018-06-06Indigenous Political Journalism in the Norwegian and Swedish Public Service BroadcastersEli Skogerbø, Eva Josefsen & Anna-Maria FjellströmJournalism Studies
2018-06-06Digital Transitions
The evolving corporate frameworks of legacy newspaper publishers
Anthony CawleyJournalism Studies
2018-06-07A year in the life of Fiji’s beleaguered national news media: Insights from the 2016 state of the media report and some potential implications of ‘development journalism’Shailendra B SinghJournalism
2018-06-07Elements of constructive journalism: Characteristics, practical application and audience valuationLiesbeth Hermans, Cathrine GyldenstedJournalism
2018-06-11Ranking News-Quality MultimediaGonçalo Marcelino, Ricardo Pinto, João MagalhãesICMR '18 Proceedings of the 2018 ACM on International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval
2018-06-11Emotional News, Emotional Counterpublic
Unraveling the construction of fear in Chinese diasporic community online
Sheng ZouDigital Journalism
2018-06-13‘We no longer live in a time of separation’: A comparative analysis of how editorial and commercial integration became a normAlessio Cornia, Annika Sehl, Rasmus Kleis NielsenJournalism
2018-06-15Translation of attribution and news credibilityJungmin HongJournalism
2018-06-19Teaching news literacy to children with digital gamesIoli Campos, André SardoIDC '18 Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Interaction Design and Children
2018-06-19Objectivity, advocacy, and critical pedagogy in the race, gender, and media classroom: Individual, interpersonal, and structural tensions and recommendationsSheila Rose PeuchaudJournalism
2018-06-20NGOs and Health Reporting in TanzaniaAmmina KothariAfrican Journalism Studies
2018-06-20Construction of China's Soft Power: Comparing News Coverage of the Confucius Institute Project in China and U.S. MediaZheng Yue, Wei XinyiGlobal Media Journal
2018-06-20Construction of China's Soft Power: Comparing News Coverage of the Confucius Institute Project in China and U.S. MediaZheng Yue, Wei XinyiGlobal Media Journal
2018-06-20 Challenges to Mass Media Posed by Convergence in the Indonesian ContextIndrati I, Fiati R, La Mani and Muhammad ArasGlobal Media Journal
2018-06-21Commodification of Development Programming on Radio in Northern GhanaAmin Alhassan, Felix Odartey-Wellington & Amadu Mohammed FaisalAfrican Journalism Studies
2018-06-22Nigerian Newspapers: The Attractions and Drawbacks of Foreign Aid FundingMary MyersAfrican Journalism Studies
2018-06-22Setting the Agenda on Development: A Content Analysis of How Senegalese Newspapers Report on Local and Foreign AidJeslyn LemkeAfrican Journalism Studies
2018-06-22‘Friends call me racist’: Experiences of repercussions from writing comments on newspaper websitesAnders Sundnes Løvlie, Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk, Anders Olof LarssonJournalism
2018-06-22Journalist social media practice in China: A review and synthesisGuowei Jian, Ting LiuJournalism
2018-06-25Media Capacity Building in Sudan: A Measure of Success?Nigel Baker & Helen ScottAfrican Journalism Studies
2018-06-25Chinese Media in Africa: Between Promise and RealityEmeka UmejeiAfrican Journalism Studies
2018-06-25Distributed and Dynamic Clustering For News EventsVinay SettyDEBS '18 Proceedings of the 12th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems
2018-06-25Elevated Influences
The construction of journalistic identities at a city magazine
Joy JenkinsJournalism Studies
2018-06-25Conditional Autonomy
Journalistic practice in the tension field between professionalism and managerialism
Amanda Waldenström, Jenny Wiik & Ulrika AnderssonJournalism Practice
2018-06-25Red state, purple town: Polarized communities and local journalism in rural and small-town KentuckyAndrea WenzelJournalism
2018-06-26“That Was What I Had to Use”: Social and Cultural Capital in the Careers of Women BroadcastersTracy Lucht, Kelsey BatscheletJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-06-26Scanning the shape of journalism—Emerging trends, changing culture?Juho RuotsalainenFutures
2018-06-26Gender Differentials in Newspaper Readership Pattern among Residents of Enugu State, NigeriaAsogwa CEGlobal Media Journal
2018-06-27Entering the Liminal Zone
Generating news with occasioned objects in live TV news reporting
Richard Fitzgerald & Bryn EvansJournalism Studies
2018-06-27Commercial Pressures in Spanish Newsrooms
Between love, struggle and resistance
Manuel Goyanes & Marta Rodríguez-CastroJournalism Studies
2018-06-27Populism in Online Election Coverage
Analyzing populist statements by politicians, journalists, and readers in three countries
Sina Blassnig, Nicole Ernst, Florin Büchel, Sven Engesser & Frank EsserJournalism Studies
2018-06-27The State of Journalism and Press Freedom in Postgenocide RwandaMeghan Sobel, Karen McIntyreJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-06-29Conversing Ethics in India’s News Media
A capabilities approach to journalism ethics education and training
Shakuntala Rao & Kanchan K. MalikJournalism Practice
2018-06-30Separation or integration of journalistic and business responsibilities? Corporate responsibility in Finnish media companiesLaura OlkkonenJournal of Media Business Studies
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