Research of December 2019

Journalism Research of December 2019

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in December 2019 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2019-12-31Challenges of Media Ethics Education in Lebanon in the Midst of Political and Economic PressureMaria Bou Zeid & Jessica R. El-KhouryJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-12-31Press narratives of NSA domestic surveillanceMichael T. Martínez, Jamie Greig, Catherine A. Luther & John BakerAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-12-31’I Urge You To See This...’. Clickbait as One of the Dominant Features of Contemporary Online HeadlinesPaulina MormolSocial Communication
2019-12-31Post-truth and trust in journalism: an analysis of credibility indicators in Brazilian venuesMarcelo Träsel, Sílvia Lisboa & Giulia Reis VinciprovaBrazilian Journalism Research
2019-12-30Online engagement of active communicative behaviors and news consumption on Internet portal sitesSora Kim, Hyejoon Rim & Kang Hoon SungJournalism
2019-12-30The Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: How Russia’s Internet Research Agency Tweets Appeared in U.S. News as Vox PopuliJosephine Lukito, Jiyoun Suk, Yini Zhang, Larissa Doroshenko, Sang Jung Kim, Min-Hsin Su, Yiping Xia, Deen Freelon & Chris WellsThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-12-30Image that Matters: News Media Consumption and Party Leader Effects on Voting BehaviorDiego Garzia, Frederico Ferreira da Silva & Andrea De AngelisThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-12-30Resistance to the dehumanisation of asylum seekers in Australia’s mediated public sphere: an audience perspectiveAshleigh Haw, Farida Fozdar & Rob CoverMedia, Culture & Society
2019-12-29The Chick Diffusion: How Newspapers Fail to Meet Normative Expectations Regarding Their Democratic Role in Public DebateMarie Garnier, Margit van Wessel, Peter A. Tamás & Severine van BommelJournalism Studies
2019-12-26Measuring Selective Exposure in Mock Website Experiments: A Simple, Free, and Open-source SolutionJulian UnkelCommunication Methods and Measures
2019-12-26Researching media participation by listening to people with disabilityKim Stewart, Christina SpurgeonMedia, Culture & Society
2019-12-25Toward a humanistic turn for a more ethical journalismPerry ParksJournalism
2019-12-21Facebook News Use During the 2017 Norwegian Elections—Assessing the Influence of Hyperpartisan NewsBente Kalsnes & Anders Olof LarssonJournalism Practice
2019-12-20To Be there when it Happened: Immersive Journalism, Empathy, and Opinion on Sexual HarassmentNili SteinfeldJournalism Practice
2019-12-20Exploring the Spirit in U.S. Audiences: The Role of the Virtue of Transcendence in Inspiring Media ConsumptionSophie H. Janicke-Bowles, Arthur A. Raney, Mary Beth Oliver, Katherine R. Dale, Robert P. Jones & Daniel CoxJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-12-20What’s in a Font?: Ideological Perceptions of TypographyKatherine Haenschen & Daniel J. TamulCommunication Studies
2019-12-19Egypt’s media system: historic legacies and blocked potentials for independent mediaHanan BadrPublizistik
2019-12-19Communicative actions we live by: The problem with fact-checking, tagging or flagging fake news – the case of FacebookJack Andersen & Sille Obelitz SøeEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-12-19Which Bad News to Choose? The Influence of Race and Social Identity on Story Selections Within Negative News ContextsLanier Frush Holt & Dustin CarnahanJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-12-19Before the ‘Arab Spring’: How challengers pushed counter-issues in Egypt’s hybrid media systemHanan BadrMedia, War & Conflict
2019-12-18Why and how higher media concentration equals lower news diversity – The Mediahuis caseJonathan Hendrickx & Heritiana RanaivosonJournalism
2019-12-18The preemptive voice of enemy images: The before-and-after motif in news coverage of women homegrown terroristsPiotr M. SzpunarJournalism
2019-12-18Effects of Fact-Checking Political Misinformation on Perceptual Accuracy and Epistemic Political EfficacyChance York, James D. Ponder, Zach Humphries, Catherine Goodall, Michael Beam & Carrie Winters
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-12-18HIV and Anniversary Journalism: Susceptibility and Severity Messaging in News Coverage of World AIDS DayJosh Grimm & Joseph SchwartzJournalism Practice
2019-12-18The 2015 refugee crisis, uncertainty and the media: Representations of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in Austrian and French mediaAnita Gottlob & Hajo BoomgaardenCommunications
2019-12-17Industry, Experts, or Industry Experts? Academic Sourcing in News Coverage of AIJ. Scott Brennen,
Anne Schulz, Philip N. Howard & Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Institute
2019-12-17Online Participatory Journalism: A Systematic Literature ReviewKatherine M. EngelkeMedia & Communication
2019-12-17Journalism at the PeripheryEdson C. Tandoc Jr.Media & Communication
2019-12-17Prophets without Honor: Peripheral Actors in Kenyan Journalism
J. Siguru WahutuMedia & Communication
2019-12-17From Peripheral to Integral? A Digital-Born Journalism Not for Profit in a Time of CrisesAlfred Hermida & Mary Lynn YoungMedia & Communication
2019-12-17Open-Source Trading Zones and Boundary Objects: Examining GitHub as a Space for Collaborating on “News”Mario Haim & Rodrigo ZamithMedia & Communication
2019-12-17Where Do We Draw the Line? Interlopers, (Ant)agonists, and an Unbounded Journalistic FieldScott A. Eldridge IIMedia & Communication Experimentally Developing a Relational Platform for Local JournalismAndreas Hepp & Wiebke LoosenMedia & Communication
2019-12-17The New Advertisers: How Foundation Funding Impacts JournalismPatrick Ferrucci & Jacob L. NelsonMedia & Communication
2019-12-17Intercultural Competencies Needed for Evolving Media Professions: Educating the Next Generation of Globally Minded CommunicatorsPablo Miño & Rhonda GibsonJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-12-17Silhouette Journalism: China Reporting in the Light of the US Opening to ChinaChunfeng LinJournalism Practice
2019-12-17Buffering Negative News: Individual-level Effects of Company Visibility, Tone, and Pre-existing Attitudes on Corporate ReputationJeroen G. F. Jonkman, Mark Boukes, Rens Vliegenthart & Piet VerhoevenMass Communication and Society
2019-12-17Modeling the Formation of Attentive Publics in Social Media: The Case of Donald TrumpChris Wells, Yini Zhang, Josephine Lukito & Jon C. W. PevehouseMass Communication and Society
2019-12-17Working on the Margins: Comparative Perspectives on the Roles and Motivations of Peripheral Actors in JournalismAljosha Karim Schapals, Phoebe Maares & Folker HanuschMedia and Communication
2019-12-16Robust Fake News Detection Over Time and AttackBenjamin D. Horne, Jeppe Nørregaard & Sibel AdaliACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology
2019-12-16Negotiating national identities in conflict situations: The discursive reproduction of the Sino-US trade war in China’s news reportsHong Wang & Yunfeng GeDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-16Exploring the metadiscursive realisation of incivility in TV news discourseJamie McKeown & Hans J. LadegaardDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-12-16Right-wing Bias in Journalists’ Perceptions of Public OpinionKathleen Beckers, Stefaan Walgrave, Hanna Valerie Wolf, Kenza Lamot & Peter Van AelstJournalism Practice
2019-12-15How Polarized Are Online and Offline News Audiences? A Comparative Analysis of Twelve CountriesRichard Fletcher, Alessio Cornia & Rasmus Kleis NielsenThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-12-14Civil society, the media and the Internet: changing roles and challenging authorities in digital political communication ecologiesThomas HäusslerInformation, Communication & Society
2019-12-13The Problem With Protests: Emotional Effects of Race-Related News MediaDavid Stamps & Dana MastroJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-12-13Critical Information/News Literacy and the Flipped Classroom: Student Evaluations of Information Searching and AnalysisJames H. Wittebols
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-12-12Audiovisual narratives about the case Spain’s stolen babiesAna Mancho-Iglesia & Carmen Marta-LazoDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-12‘This Tragically Obscured Summer’: News Media and Uncertainties of Veracity in the 1928 Nobile/Amundsen DisasterEspen YtrebergMedia History
2019-12-12Differentiated visibilities: RT Arabic’s narration of Russia’s role in the Syrian warDeena Dajani, Marie Gillespie & Rhys CrilleyMedia, War & Conflict
2019-12-12Mobile but Not Mobilized? Differential Gains from Mobile News Consumption for Citizens’ Political Knowledge and Campaign ParticipationJakob OhmeDigital Journalism
2019-12-12An Emotional Turn in Journalism Studies?Karin Wahl-JorgensenDigital Journalism
2019-12-12The Inapplicability of Objectivity: Understanding the Work of Data JournalismJingrong Tong & Landong ZuoJournalism Practice
2019-12-12Trusting the News Media in the Trump EraJeffrey Gottfried, Galen Stocking, Elizabeth Grieco, Mason Walker, Maya Khuzam & Amy MitchellPew Research Center
2019-12-12An ‘existential threat’ or a ‘past pariah’: Securitisation of Iran and disagreements among American pressForough AminDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-12Teaching Collegiate Journalists How to Cover Traumatic Events Using Moral Development TheoryStephanie Anderson & Brian BourkeJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-12-12‘A victim, and that’s all’: the construction of Meredith Kercher in the British national newspapersAtalanta Goulandris & Eugene McLaughlinFeminist Media Studies
2019-12-11Paternalism in China Daily’s coverage of Chinese Muslims (2001–2015)Meng Ye & Peter ThomasDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-11Discursive construction of Syrian refugees in shaping international public opinion: Turkey’s public diplomacy effortsEmel Özdora AkşakDiscourse & Communication
2019-12-11The visual Narrative of Student Radicalism in Finland: The 1968 occupation of the Old Student House in the Finnish mediaOlli KleemolaMedia History
2019-12-11Lügenpresse: The lying press and German journalists’ responses to a stigmaMichael Koliska & Karin AssmannJournalism
2019-12-11More top-down than peer-to-peer: talking to Australians about their ideal news sourceSacha MolitoriszMedia International Australia
2019-12-11‘Sadly forgotten’? Newspaper coverage of the first men to fly the Atlantic non-stop, Alcock and BrownGuy HodgsonMedia History
2019-12-09Fluid institutional logics in digital journalismJuliane A. LischkaJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-12-09Japan’s media fails its watchdog role: Lessons learned and unlearned from the 2011 earthquake and the Fukushima disasterNobuyuki Okumura, Kaori Hayashi, Koji Igarashi & Atsushi TanakaJournalism
2019-12-09Towards an integrated argumentative approach to multimodal critical discourse analysis: evidence from the portrayal of refugees and immigrants in Greek newspapersDimitris Serafis, Sara Greco, Chiara Pollaroli & Chiara Jermini-Martinez SoriaCritical Discourse Studies
2019-12-06Preparing to face the media in times of crisis: Training spokespersons’ verbal and nonverbal cuesAurélie De Waele, An-Sofie Claeys & Michaël OpgenhaffenPublic Relations Review
2019-12-06The sociocognitive dimension of hate speech in readers’ comments on Serbian news websitesJasmina P. ĐorđevićDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-12-06Major media outlets show improvement at debunking Trump misinformation on TwitterMatt Gertz & Rob SavilloMedia Matters for America
2019-12-05Ethics and Journalism in Central Asia: A Comparative Study of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and UzbekistanBahtiyar Kurambayev & Eric FreedmanJournal of Media Ethics
2019-12-04Increasing Accountability Using Data Journalism: Challenges for the Pakistani JournalistsSadia JamilJournalism Practice
2019-12-04Follow the Leader?: Optimism and Efficacy on Solo Journalism of Local Television Journalists and News DirectorsJustin C. Blankenship & Daniel RiffeJournalism Practice
2019-12-04Researching MediaSpace in a European cross-border region: The meaning of places and the function of bordersChristian LamourCommunications
2019-12-03News Podcasts and the Opportunities for PublishersNic Newman & Nathan GalloReuters Institute
2019-12-03All the News That’s Fit to Click: The Economics of Clickbait MediaKevin MungerPolitical Communication
2019-12-02Journalism’s extraordinary audience: The characteristics and circumstances of news media consumption among IslamistsPhilip Baugut & Katharina NeumannJournalism
2019-12-02Representing the Nation: A Comparative Study of the Social Constitution of Senior BBC Journalists, Cabinet-Level Politicians and the British PublicGary James MerrillJournalism Practice
2019-12-02Global Expression Report 2018/19Article 19
2019-12-02Patterns of controversy and consensus in German, Canadian, and US online news on climate changeRobin Tschötschel, Andreas Schuck & Anke WonnebergerGlobal Environmental Change
2019-12-01Medium-Specific Threats for Journalists: Examples from Philippines, Afghanistan and VenezuelaSaumava Mitra, Marte Høiby & Mariateresa GarridoJournalism Practice
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