Research of April 2019

Journalism Research of April 2019

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in April 2019 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2019-04-01Combating Fake News: A Survey on Identification and Mitigation TechniquesKarishma Sharma, Feng Qian, He Jiang, Natali Ruchansky, Ming Zhang, Yan LiuACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST)
2019-04-01Online niches of English-language newspapers in Bangladesh: Analyzing news stories and user engagement on FacebookMohammad Yousuf, Md Mahfuzul Haque, Md Khadimul IslamNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-01Error message: Creation of a revised codebook for analysis of newspaper correctionsAlyssa Appelman, Kirstie E. HettingaNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-01Reporting terrorism in Muslim Asia: the Peshawar massacreSaira Ali, Umi KhattabMedia International Australia
2019-04-01An Entrance for the Uninterested: Who Watches Soft News and How Does It Affect Their Political Participation?Kim AndersenMass Communication and Society
2019-04-01Taxi Drivers as Reporters: Studying the Distinctive Journalism of the UTCC Voice NewsletterKrishnan VasudevanJournalism Studies
2019-04-01I Got a New Puppy! The Impact of Personal, Opinion, and Objective Tweets on a Journalist’s and a News Organization’s Perceived CredibilityKirsten A. JohnsonJournalism Practice
2019-04-01Personal Emotions, Experiences and Attacks: Immigration Debate in Scandinavian Comment SectionsIda AndersenJavnost - The Public
2019-04-01Gender under fire: portrayals of military women in the Australian print mediaDonna Bridges & Ben WadhamFeminist Media Studies
2019-04-02Chronic pain: Sources framing of post-traumatic stress in The New York TimesBarbara Barnett, Tien T LeeMedia, War & Conflict
2019-04-02“This is an American Newspaper”
Editorial Opinions and the German Immigrant Press in 1917
Elisabeth FondrenMedia History
2019-04-02Digging for (Ratings) Gold: The Connection Between Investigative Journalism and AudiencesJesse Abdenour & Daniel RiffeJournalism Studies
2019-04-02Selling their souls to the advertisers? How native advertising degrades the quality of prestige media outletsPhilipp Bachmann, Sévérine Hunziker & Tanja RüedyJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-04-02Space and legitimation: The multimodal representation of public space in news broadcast reports on Hooded RiotersCarolina Pérez-Arredondo, Camila Cárdenas-NeiraDiscourse & Communication
2019-04-02Reporting with WhatsApp: Mobile Chat Applications’ Impact on Journalistic PracticesTomás DoddsDigital Journalism
2019-04-02Data Journalism Beyond Legacy Media: The case of African and European Civic Technology OrganizationsDavid Cheruiyot, Stefan Baack & Raul Ferrer-ConillDigital Journalism
2019-04-03Discursive Power in Contemporary Media Systems: A Comparative FrameworkAndreas Jungherr, Oliver Posegga, Jisun AnThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-04-03Data journalism and black-boxed data setsWilson Lowrey, Ryan Broussard, Lindsey A. SherrillNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-03Conflict and responsibility: Content analysis of American news media organizations’ framing of North KoreaNathaniel Ming Curran, Jenna GibsonMedia, War & Conflict
2019-04-03Coping with Audience Hostility. How Journalists’ Experiences of Audience Hostility Influence Their Editorial DecisionsSenja Post & Hans Mathias KepplingerJournalism Studies
2019-04-04User interactivity in online newspapers: Exploring the relationship between content features and user responseKyriakos Riskos, Paraskevi Dekoulou, George TsourvakasNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-04The front page as a time freezer: An analysis of the international newspaper coverage after the Charlie Hebdo attacksKatharina NiemeyerMedia, War & Conflict
2019-04-04The Reliability and Temporal Stability of Self-reported Media Exposure: A Meta-analysisMichael ScharkowCommunication Methods and Measures
2019-04-05The impact of grief journalism on its subjects: lessons from the Pike River mining disasterN. A. Moreham & Yvette TinsleyJournal of Media Law
2019-04-06Lessons in Innovation: How International News Organisations Combat Disinformation through Mission-Driven JournalismJulie Posetti with Felix Simon and Nabeelah ShabbirReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Report
2019-04-07Media Agenda Diversity and Intermedia Agenda Setting in a Controlled Media Environment: A Computational Analysis of China’s Online NewsLei GuoJournalism Studies
2019-04-08Interactions between Journalists Located in Different Sides of a Conflict: A Comparative Study of Two Conflict ZonesYonatan Gonen & Abit HoxhaJournalism Studies
2019-04-08Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Journalism Students’ Interpretive Repertoires for a Changing OccupationJane B. Singer & Marcel BroersmaJournalism Practice
2019-04-09Unpacking Journalists’ (Dis)Trust: Expressions of Suspicion in the Narratives of Journalists Covering the Israeli-Palestinian ConflictTali Aharoni, Keren Tenenboim-WeinblattThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-04-09Free speech versus marginalized groups: Public and newspaper responses to the Charlie Hebdo attackJuan Liu, Ashik ShafiNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-09Influencing interaction: Does technology increase public participation on community journalism websites?Burton SpeakmanNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-09“Dreamers” or threat: Bilingual frame building of DACA immigrantsHector Rendon, Maria de Moya, Melissa A. JohnsonNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-09Difficulties with balance: Normative contestation, ambiguity and change in reporting AIDS denialismFranz KrügerJournalism
2019-04-09When “Journalism Kids” Do Better: A Reassessment of Secondary and Postsecondary Achievement and ActivitiesPiotr S. Bobkowski, Sarah B. CavanahJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-04-10Work–life balance in media newsroomsIrene Snyder, Kirsten Johnson, Michele Lee Kozimor-KingJournalism
2019-04-10Celebrating life or adversity? The redefinition of features in the Pictures of the Year International contestJennifer Midberry, Ryan N Comfort, Joseph E RoskosJournalism
2019-04-11The price of outsourcing: A content analysis of the effects of early deadlines on the sports section in The OklahomanStan Ketterer, John McGuire, Ray MurrayNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-11Regional media framing of the Confederate flag debate in South CarolinaChristopher Frear, Jane O’Boyle, Sei-Hill KimNewspaper Research Journal
2019-04-11From sensation to stigma: Changing standards for suicide coverage in US journalism textbooks, 1894–2016Perry ParksJournalism
2019-04-11Direct Reader Address in Health-related Online News Articles: Imposing Problems and Projecting Desires for Action and Change onto ReadersElisabeth Muth Andersen, Anette Grønning, Maiju Hietaketo & Marjut JohanssonJournalism Studies
2019-04-11Historiography: Woman Suffrage and the MediaLinda J. LumsdenAmerican Journalism
2019-04-11Mediating Political Mobility as Stunt-Girl Entertainment: Newspaper Coverage of New York’s Suffrage Hike to AlbanyTiffany LewisAmerican Journalism
2019-04-11Differently Radical: Suffrage Issues and Feminist Ideas in the Crisis and the MassesLinda M. GrassoAmerican Journalism
2019-04-11Covering a Countermovement on the Verge of Defeat: The Press and the 1917 Social Movement against Woman SuffrageTeri FinnemanAmerican Journalism
2019-04-12Connecting Classroom with Newsroom in the Digital Age: An Investigation of Journalism Education in the UAE, UK and USAShujun Jiang, Ali RafeeqAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-04-14Seeking Justice on the Web: How News Media and Social Norms Drive the Practice of Cyber VigilantismStella C. ChiaSocial Science Computer Review
2019-04-14Playing the Right Way: In-House Sports Reporters and Media Ethics as Boundary WorkMichael MirerJournal of Media Ethics
2019-04-15Duvet woman versus action man: the gendered aetiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome according to English newspapersRebecca Murray, Katy Day & Jane TobbellFeminist Media Studies
2019-04-16Media Freedom and Protest Events in the Global SouthMengyang ZhaoSocial Science Quarterly
2019-04-16From Interactions to the Mediatization of Politics. How the Relationships Between Journalists and Political Actors Explain Media Influences on Political Processes and the Presentation of PoliticsPhilip BaugutJournalism Studies
2019-04-16Young, free and biased: A comparison of mainstream and right-wing media coverage of the 2015–16 refugee crisis in German newspapersGerret von Nordheim, Henrik Müller, Michael ScheppeJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-04-16Framing the mass media: Exploring ‘fake news’ as a frame embedded in political discourseJan R Riebling, Ina von der WenseJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-04-16US alt-right media and the creation of the counter-collective memoryKrzysztof WasilewskiJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-04-16User profiles for populist counter-media websites in FinlandElina Noppari, Ilmari Hiltunen, Laura AhvaJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-04-16Primacy of the leader, obscuration of followers: The discourse of leadership in the business mediaKedir Assefa TessemDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-04-16Uber’s entrepreneurship discourse and its neoliberal appeal: analysis of coverage in English-language dailies in IndiaSmeeta Mishra & Dharma Raju BathiniCritical Discourse Studies
2019-04-16Does China’s outward focused journalism engage a constructive approach? A qualitative content analysis of Xinhua News Agency’s English newsXin Zhao & Yu XiangAsian Journal of Communication
2019-04-17News Algorithms, Photojournalism and the Assumption of Mechanical Objectivity in JournalismMatt CarlsonDigital Journalism
2019-04-17“API-Based Research” or How can Digital Sociology and Journalism Studies Learn from the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Data BreachTommaso Venturini & Richard RogersDigital Journalism
2019-04-17The Persistence of Ethnocentric Framing in Online News Coverage of European PoliticsDimitris TrimithiotisDigital Journalism
2019-04-17Expanding Media Law and Policy Education: Confronting Power, Defining Freedom, Awakening ParticipationErik UglandCommunication Law and Policy
2019-04-17Protecting Journalists’ Sources Without a Shield: Four ProposalsAnthony L. FargoCommunication Law and Policy
2019-04-18The effects of news report valence and linguistic labels on prejudice against social minoritiesSylvie Graf, Pavla Linhartova & Sabine SczesnyMedia Psychology
2019-04-19Misrecognising the value of voice: anticipating inclusion beyond mainstream mediations of race and migrationTanya MuscatMedia, Culture & Society
2019-04-19Peripheral capital goes global: Naspers, globalisation and global media contraflowRuth Teer-Tomaselli, Keyan Tomaselli, Mpumelelo DludlaMedia, Culture & Society
2019-04-19Editorial policies and news discourse – how Al Jazeera’s implicit guidelines shape its coverage of middle east conflictsLeon BarkhoJournalism
2019-04-19Media, politics and state broadcasting in GreecePetros Iosifidis, Stylianos PapathanassopoulosEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-04-21Gresham’s Law and News in a Post-Truth WorldBranislav KovacicAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-04-22Need for Orientation and Third-Person Effects of the Televised Debates in the 2016 U.S. Presidential ElectionRan Wei, Ven-Hwei Lo & Yicheng ZhuMass Communication and Society
2019-04-22How can Journalists Promote News Credibility? Effects of Evidences on Trust and CredibilityJakob Henke, Laura Leissner & Wiebke MöhringJournalism Practice
2019-04-22The discursive construction of ‘Tunisianité’ (2011–2017)Fethi HelalDiscourse & Communication
2019-04-23News Media Attitudes in FranceAmy Mitchell, Nami Sumida and Mason WalkerPew Research Center report
2019-04-23What Vox Pops Say and How That Matters: Effects of Vox Pops in Television News on Perceived Public Opinion and Personal OpinionKathleen BeckersJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-04-23Echo-chambers in online news consumption: Evidence from survey and navigation data in SpainAna S Cardenal, Carlos Aguilar-Paredes, Camilo Cristancho, Sílvia Majó-VázquezEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-04-23Automation, Journalism, and Human–Machine Communication: Rethinking Roles and Relationships of Humans and Machines in NewsSeth C. Lewis, Andrea L. Guzman & Thomas R. SchmidtDigital Journalism
2019-04-24Perceived Ethical Performance of News Media: Regaining Public Trust and Encouraging News ParticipationKathleen Bartzen Culver & Byunggu LeeJournal of Media Ethics
2019-04-24Ethics Guidelines for Immersive JournalismAna Luisa Sánchez Laws & Tormod UtneFrontiers in Robotics and AI
2019-04-24Emigrants in contemporary Spanish press: A socio-cognitive approachMarisoldel-Teso-CraviottoDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-04-24A Digital Baron for a Digital Age: Chris Hughes and Neoliberalism’s Ascendancy in JournalismShannon Rooney & Brian CreechDigital Journalism
2019-04-24Nonce Words in Mass Media Discourse (A Case Study of Travel Journalism Innovations)Kateryna NykytchenkoCommunication Today
2019-04-24Television News as an Information Source and Its Perception in SlovakiaJán Višňovský, Juliána Mináriková, Ľuboš Greguš, Karina KubíkováCommunication Today
2019-04-24An Analysis of German-Language Media Texts on Topics Involving School and UniversityAnastasia Levitskaya & Lyudmila SeliverstovaCommunication Today
2019-04-24Media and Truth in the Perspective of the Practice and Life Form of the Modern “Homo Medialis”Sabína Gáliková TolnaiováCommunication Today
2019-04-25Case Studies in Collaborative Local JournalismJoy Jenkins, Lucas GravesReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2019-04-25Measures of Campaign Negativity: Comparing Approaches and Eliminating Partisan BiasAnnemarie S. Walter, Cees van der EijkThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-04-25Strategic Allies and the Survival of Critical Media under Repressive Conditions: An Empirical Analysis of Local Mexican PressGrisel SalazarThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-04-26Journalism, solidarity and the civil sphere: The case of Charlie HebdoMaría Luengo, Karoline Andrea IhlebækEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-04-26Locating the political and the aesthetic in media spectacles in IndiaIla AhlawatFeminist Media Studies
2019-04-26From the margin to the centre? A relational analysis of discursive contention in the minority integration debate in the Low CountriesAnna Berbers, Justus Uitermark, Vincent A Traag, Leen d'HaenensInternational Communication Gazette
2019-04-26The language of suffering: Media discourse and public attitudes towards the MH17 air tragedy in Malaysia and the UKTheng Theng Ong, Robert M. McKenzieDiscourse & Communication
2019-04-26Reconstructing mothers’ responsibility and guilt: Journalistic coverage of the ‘Remedia Affair’ in IsraelCarolin AronisDiscourse & Communication
2019-04-26From The Club Stage to the National Scene: How Mass Media Interpreted Two Comedians as Important Immigrant VoicesJohn Magnus R. DahlJavnost - The Public
2019-04-26Identity, Empathy and Argument: Immigrants in Culture and Entertainment Journalism in the Scandinavian PressKristina Riegert & Jan Fredrik HovdenJavnost - The Public
2019-04-28A motivation-based typology of media companies’ cross-border engagementJohanna E Möller, Pamela Nölleke-Przybylski, Denise Voci, M Bjørn von Rimscha, Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen, Matthias KarmasinEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-04-29Encoding the UX: User Interface as a Site of Encounter between Data Journalists and Their Constructed AudiencesBissie Anderson & Eddy Borges-ReyDigital Journalism
2019-04-30Portraying China as an alternative to U. S. Hegemony: The China daily’s framing of the arab springJae Sik Ha & Donghee ShinAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-04-30To Verify or to Disengage: Coping with “Fake News” and AmbiguityAndrea WenzelInternational Journal of Communication
2019-04-30Not practicing what they preached! Exploring negative spillover effects of news about ex-politicians’ hypocrisy on party attitudes, voting intentions, and political trustChristian von Sikorski & Christina HerbstMedia Psychology
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