REPORT: Trends in newsrooms

Picture: Newsroom by Gerald Rich, license CC BY 2.0

The report ”Trends in newsrooms 2016: Next-Level Journalism” is published. The report by World Editors Forum (WEF) looks at the state of the news industry and into the future.

The report dives into topics such as public trust, virtual reality, social platforms, community engagement and other issues. The foreword of the report written by Marcelo Rech, the president of WEF, searches for ways for newsrooms to succeed among constantly changing digital platforms:

“Journalism transformed into “professional certification of content” takes advantage of technology to multiply itself indefinitely for all current and still-to-be-conceived platforms. But in order to expand our activity, we definitely need to break with outdated and inefficient newsroom formats, and to improve the production of content with the attractiveness and reliability provided by independent professional editors. This is the only way we can be contemporary enough and essential to future generations.”

The report is available at the WAN-IFRA website. It is free for members, for others 250 euro.

Picture: Newsroom by Gerald Rich, license CC BY 2.0

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