REPORT: Nearly one fourth of news contain social media embeds

Picture: Embedded by Garry Knight licence: CC BY 2.0

23% of news articles contain social media embeds, claims a report published by Social media curation platform SAM. They analysed one million web pages by using a web crawler that detects social media content directly embedded in news articles.

Out of social network sites Twitter ranks first, representing 59 per cent of all embeds identified by the report. It is followed by YouTube with 26 per cent and Instagram with 14 per cent of all embeds. Facebook is far behind with only 1% of total embeds.

The report concludes with three key findings. First, modern reporting will continue to adopt embeds as a way to access and deliver content. Second, processes are required to combat the issues of broken embeds. Third, publishers need to prioritize load times of core content scripts.

The report is free and it is available to download here.

Picture: Embedded by Garry Knight licence: CC BY 2.0

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