REPORT: Children’s and parents’ media use in the UK


Newly published Ofcom report explores children’s media literacy. The report includes evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among children and young people aged 5-15, as well as detailed information about the media access and use of young children aged 3-4. Findings relating to parents’ views about their children’s media use, and the ways that parents seek to monitor or limit use of different types of media, are also included.

Few examples of the findings are that the amount of time 8-11s and 12-15s spend online has more than doubled since 2005 and 12-15s spend nearly three and a half hours a week more online than they do watching a TV set. Over half of 3-4s and three-quarters of 12-15s use a tablet in 2015 and tablets are now the device most often used for going online, among all age groups except 12-15s.

Read the full report here.

Picture: student_ipad_school – 143 by Brad Flickinger, licence CC BY 2.0

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