PROJECT: Is journalism moving away from newsrooms?


A new journalism studies research project has will be launched in University of Groeningen in next November. The new study looks at the on-going change from traditional journalism production to different ways of producing information relevant to society. The project is funded from November 2015 to October 2020. Its project leader is Tamara Witschge.

One of these ways is the so-called entrepreuneurial journalism – that is, flex working, freelancing, and constant converging of personal and professional space and time.

The project, titled Entrepreneurship at Work: Analysing practice, labour, and creativity in journalism, is not interested in newsrooms, conventional institutions or genre-based understandings. Instead, it will focus on auto-ethnographies of journalists in atypical entrepreneurial work situations; analyses new categories and practises of journalism, and examines if the new production methods are sustainable alternative of informing society.

The study is financed by NWO Council for the Humanities. Read more about the project here.

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