PAPER: Journalists’ role in transitional societies


New MeCoDEM working paper written by Judith Lohner, Sandra Banjac and Irene Neverla is published.

The paper maps the role of journalistic actors in transitional societies when covering democratisation conflicts. The writers draw on interviews with 100 professional journalists working for local news organisations in Egypt, Kenya, Serbia and South Africa.

Results show that there are specific country contexts that shapes journalistic work practices, role perceptions and ethical orientations. On the other hand, authors detected various cross-national similarities as well. Journalistic work practices, role perceptions and ethical orientations also seem to vary depending on conflict type.

According to the writers journalistic work practices, role perceptions, ethical orientations and working conditions could have both a productive and counterproductive impact on journalistic performance when covering democratisation conflicts.

Read the full working paper here on MeCoDEM website.

Picture: 292/365 The 365 Toys Project: Army Guy by davidd, licence: CC BY 2.0

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