Our picks for Re-Inventing Journalism conference

The conference titled “Re-Inventing Journalism” will start off on Thursday in Winterthur, Switzerland. There’s also a get-together on Wednesday evening, but it features no academic content apart from its attendees. The two-day event is all journalism, all the time, but the sessions differ from hands-on workshops to theoretical presentations. To help make your mind, JRN staff presents its own wishlist of sessions to attend.

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9.30 Registration and coffee

10.00 Introduction and first keynote, at Aula U.07
Introduction by Vinzenz Wyss and keynote, “Journalism disrupted”, by Jane Singer. Chaired by Michael Brüggemann.

11.15 Workshop A1: What is Journalism? The Need for a Re-Invented Definition, at room O1.01
With Christoph Neuberger and Armin Scholl. Chaired by Sven Engesser.

12.30 Lunch and socializing

13.00 Poster session, at CMC 0.17

14.00 High Density A: Old and New Ways to reinvent Journalism, at Aula U.07
Chaired by Annik Dubiek.

How mediatized economic news informs the inattentive audience, by Arjen Van Dalen, Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Helle Mølgaard Svensson, Erik Albaek and Claes H. de Vreese.

The gap between journalism education and practice in the digital age: A survey of journalists and students, by Ying Du.

Consuming News on Facebook: An Empirical Study on the Usage Patterns of News Fanpages, by Katharina Emde and Juliane Saß.

Re-thinking Trust in Journalism. Attitudes and internal beliefs as important research categories – Theoretical underpinnings and first empirical results, by Michael Harnischmacher and Nicole Heigl.

Why do Swiss journalists use Twitter? An analysis of the functions of Twitter and the role of professional variables for journalistic Twitter use, by Julia Metag and Adrian Rauchfleisch.

15.30 Break

16.00 Presentations B2: Journalistic Performance and Quality Assessment, at room 02.01
Chaired by Armin Scholl.

The limits of re-inventing journalism: structural causes of the crisis of in-formation journalism, by Mark Eisenegger, Kurt Imhof and Linards Udris.

Re-inventing quality – How journalists craft quality amid newsroom convergence, by Bartosz Wilczek.

Re-affirming the role of journalism in the global South: Professionalism and deviations from normative liberal values among South African journalists, by Ylva Rodny-Gumede.

17.30 Break

18.00 Second keynote, at Aula U.07
“Questions that keep me up at night” by Wolfgang Blau. Chaired by Vinzenz Wyss.

19.00 Dinner and socializing


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9.30 Workshop B3: What about journalism education? at room 01.08
With Marco van Kerkhoven. Chaired by Yael Woortman-de Haan.

Third keynote, at Aula U.07
Keynote “A digital nose for news: Re-inventing journalistic sourcing?” by Neil Thurman. Chaired by Michael Brüggemann.

12.00 Lunch and socializing

13.30 Workshop C1: How do we analyze cross-media news use in a hybrid media environment and what does it mean for journalism and journalism studies?, at room 01.05
With Irene Costera Meijer and Sascha Hölig. Chaired by Rasmus Kleis Nielsen.

15.00 Break

15.15 Workshop C4: Where is the next generation of journalism scholars? at room 01.11
With Edda Humprecht and Stefan Bosshart. Chaired by Manuel Menke.

16.30 Apéro
Farewell from Michael Brüggemann and Vinzenz Wyss


Journalism section meetings of Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft (DGPuK) and European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) will be held during lunches. The ECREA section will meet only on Thursday while DGPuK convenes on both days.

The entire conference program can be seen online here (Google Docs file). Other information is available on the event’s website, here. All conference abstracts are available directly through here. If you can’t make it in person, the conference goes by the Twitter hashtag #RIJ15. The event’s Facebook page can be found here.


Edited on 3.2.2015: Conference logo was added as soon as the permission to its use was granted.
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