Online first: A fourth Western media system – a classic revisited

After revisiting the classic Daniel Hallin & Paolo Mancini study of 2004, authors Michael Brüggemann, Sven Engesser, Florin Büchel, Edda Humprecht and Laia Castro arrive at the conclusion, that instead of the original three there are in fact four distinctive, Western media systems. In the new classification the systems are named Northern, Southern, Western and Central where in the original they were called Liberal (or North Atlantic), Corporatist Democratic (or Northern European) and Polarized Pluralist (or Mediterranean) models.

The recent study revisits some of the critique targeted at Hallin & Mancini’s seminal study, and responds by slightly modifying its methodology. The study has been published as an online first article of the Journal of Communication and it can be accessed online here (abstract public). The authors have also made a preprint version of the article publicly available here.

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