Now online: Journalism Studies Volume 15 Issue 6

A new issue of journal Journalism Studies (Taylor & Francis) is now online.

The Diversified Nature of “Domesticated” News Discourse by Ulrika Olausson aims to “analyze and de-construct news discourses of “domestication” by studying the reporting on climate change in Indian, Swedish, and US newspapers.”

Branding Post-War Sarajevo by Zala Volcic*, Karmen Erjavec* & Mallory Peak “explore how Sarajevo journalists remember the city’s recent violent conflict, and how war memory becomes commodified and branded for tourism”.

“Try A Taste of Turkey” is a paper by Nilyufer Hamid-Turksoy, Giselinde Kuipers* & Liesbet Van Zoonen*. The article “explores the cultural representation of Turkey as a travel destination for British tourists”.


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