NORDMEDIA2015: Media presence, mobile modernities

Univeristy of Copenhagen by Christoffer Regild (Uni of Copenhagen)

The Nordic media conference NordMedia begins on Thursday 13 August in Copenhagen, Denmark. The biannual conference is arranged by the Nordic media research associations in cooperation with Nordicom and the University of Copenhagen.

NordMedia focuses on the changing conditions of human interaction and our changing sense of presence in the modern mediatized world. Ubiquitous media are studied in relation to democratic participation, new forms of creative expression and social relationships, not forgetting regulation and media literacy. The three-day event features 11 divisions, six temporary working groups and two plenary panels.

Keynote speakers for the event are Lee Humphreys of Cornell University and Klaus Bruhn Jensen of the University of Copenhagen.

Here are a few picks from the program:

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Div 2: Journalism studies
Session 1: 15.30 – 18.00 (Room 15A.1.11)

Paper presentations: Dilemmas, enstrangement and trust (chair: Göran Svensson)

  • Martin Eide: Service journalism revisited. The culture of service journalism
  • Christer Clerwall, Michael Karlsson and Lars Nord: What’s Wrong with Transparency? Some Reflections on User Perceptions of Journalistic Credibility in Sweden
  • Erik Knudsen and Magnus Hoem Iversen: Consequences of Native Advertising for Citizens’ Trust in Political News
  • Maria Edstrom: Blurring the Lines. Ethical dilemmas for journalists with native advertising and other look–alike editorial content
  • Britt-Marie Ringfjord: The cultural constructions of Innovation Policy – How media frame policy as gendered


Div 4: Media, globalisation and social change
Session 1: 15.30 – 18.00 (Room 12.0.35)

Paper presentations:

  • Jenny Jansdotter: Bohemian, Hipster, Cosmopolitan, Vagabond: Marginalised Identity Tropes of a Transnational Academic Elite
  • Kristin Skare Orgeret: The unexpected body. Women, identity politics and the South African media. From Saartjie Baartman to Caster Semenya
  • Helge Ronning: China’s Soft Power, Public Policy and Media Initiatives in Africa
  • Jakob Svensson and Caroline Wamala Larsson: A Double-­‐Edged Sword. Mobile phones and empowerment among market women in Kampala
  • Mari Maasilta: Civic engagement, digital media technologies and African refugee women


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Div 2: Journalism studies
Session 3, track 1: 10.15-12.00 (Room 15A.1.11)

Paper presentations: Journalism in upheaval and evolution (chair: Göran Svensson)

  • Karianne Sørgård Olsen: Communicating and Coping – Tacit Local Journalism Knowledge in a Digital Upheaval
  • Turo Ilari Uskali: The Evolution of Data Journalism in Finland 2011–2015: Towards Mobile Data Journalism
  • Kate Kartveit: Multimedia Journalism and Understandings of the Practice
  • Birgit Røe Mathisen and Lisbeth Morlandstø: Participation and Control


Div 10: Theory, philosophy and ethics of communication
Session 5: 15.45 – 17.15 (Room 12.0.25)

Paper presentations:

  • Anna Roosval: Media, Climate Change, Justice and Solidarity: Exploring attitudes in editorials in the context of the IPCC reports
  • Nils S. Borchers: Towards a theory of online reviews
  • Reinhard Handler: Collaborative Media. Are digital networks transforming cultural production?


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Div 2: Journalism Studies
Session 6, track 2: 9.00 – 10.00 (Room 15A.1.11)

Paper presentation: Visual representation, video tools, and photo uses (chair: Ebba Sundin)

  • Anders Svensson: On the interaction between image and text. The anchoring of meaning in the visual representation of Swedish elections 2014
  • Nanna Särkkä and Mari Pienimäki: Inconspicuous entry points? Mugshots, the small facial photos in contemporary journalism
  • Frode Guribye and Lars Nyre: Live in the fiels – An ecology of tools for video journalism


Div 4: Media, globalisation and social change
Session 7: 10.15 – 12.00 (Room 12.0.35)

Panel: Media Presence ‐ Media Absence, Mobile Modernities ‐ Stable Traditions

  • Erik Nielsen and Jessica Gustafsson: The appropriation of new media and the interrelation with social change in Uasin Gishu, Kenya – methodological and epistemological challenges
  • Abraham K. Mulwo: Ethical Dilemmas in Studying Interactions within Online Communities
  • Martin Nkosi Ndlela: Social media and new forms of engagement in Kenya
  • Ullamaija Kivikuru: Ideals, illusions, catchwords and true trying: The role of policy planning at the age of internet in Sub‐Saharan Africa, particularly in Kenya



Complete programme of the conference can be read online here.

Website of NordMedia

Twitter: #nordmedia2015


Picture: University of Copenhagen by Christoffer Regild (Uni of Copenhagen)

Edit: Program picks updated due to changes in the schedule (13.8.2015, 09:30)

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