New Nordicom Review out now


A new issue of the Nordicom Review is released. Nordicom Review is a refereed journal that provides forum for media and communication researchers in the Nordic countries. Here’s few examples of the new articles:

Helle Sjøvaag presents a quantitative and comparative content analysis of four Norwegian regional newspapers. She analyses the establish levels of localism in the online and printed editions of the newspapers and discusses the relation between the local, regional, metropolitan and national news levels on two publishing platforms.

Paul Bjerke and Birgitte Kjos Fonn analyse press coverage of the finance crisis and the European debt crisis in Europe, in three decisive periods. The authors conclude that the crisis was framed more as a superficial, short-term problem than as a deeper and long-term system problem.

Nordicom Review 36 (2) 2015 is available here.

Picture: I <3 2 read by Kate Ter Haar, licence: CC BY 2.0

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