New Nordicom Review is now published


Nordicom Review 1/2016 is out now. Issue includes nine stimulating articles and four book reviews in the field of media and communication.

Some interesting articles of the issue include a study on data journalists using Facebook, by Ester Appelgren and an interview study of researchers’ motivations for and experiences of being interviewed by journalists, by Benedicte Carlsen and Hanne Riese

[spoiler title=’Table of Contents’ collapse_link=’true’]Data Journalists Using Facebook. A Study of a Resource Group Created by Journalists, for Journalists, by Ester Appelgren

Aporetic Apparatus. Epistemological Transformations of the Camera, by Janne Seppänen, Juha Herkman

Parent-Pressure. A History of Parents as Co-consumers of Children’s Media, by Helle Strandgaard Jensen

Return of the Talking Heads. Entering the Third Wave of Television News Dramaturgy, by Kenneth Reinecke Hansen, Peter Bro, Ralf Andersson

The Social Media Experiences of Long-term Patients: Illness, Identity, and Participation, by Brita Ytre-Arne

The Dynamics of Sensemaking and Information Seeking in a Crisis Situation, by Orla Vigsø, Tomas Odén

High Stakes. An Interview Study of Researchers’ Motivations for and Experiences of being Interviewed by Journalists, by Benedicte Carlsen, Hanne Riese

How to Describe and Measure Obstacles of Narrative Immersion in a Film? The Wheel of Immersion as a Framework, by Thomas Bjørner, Andreas Magnusson, Robin Pascal Nielsen

Materialist Perspectives on Digital Technologies. Informing Debates on Digital Literacy and Competence, by Holger Pötzsch[/spoiler]

Read all nine articles on Nordicom website here.

Picture: winter 3 by Valentin Hintikka, licence: CC BY 2.0

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