New Journal of Media Ethics issue is out now


New issue of Journal of Media Ethics is published. All articles in the issue stress ethics of news production. It also includes “cases and commentaries” section as well as a bunch of book reviews. Here are few examples of the new articles:

Angela M. Lee, Renita Coleman and Logan Molyneux examine the effects of different types of norms on newsroom behaviors. They found that journalists are prone to act more ethically if they perceive the presence of so-called “descriptive” norms.

Magdalena Saldaña, George Sylvie and Shannon C. McGregor examine of the moral thinking of Swedish journalists and suggest ways in which they seem to effectively balance commercial pressures with journalistic ideals.

Journal of Media Ethics is available here. All abstracts are public.

Picture: Dvouramenná váha; Two-pan balance weight by Da Sal, licence: CC BY 2.0

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