New issue of Interactions published

Picture: Edge of the world by Damian Gadal, license CC BY 2.0

The first issue of volume 7 of Interactions: Studies in Communication and Culture is published. The journal publishes interdisciplinary studies on media, communication and cultural studies.

Some interesting articles of the issue include a study on news media narratives of the Occupy movement by Anne Kaun and Iveta Jurkane-Hobein of Sodertorn University and another one researching audience empowerment related to immigration issues in the Greek media by Dimitra L. Milioni and Konstantinos Vadratsikas of the Cyprus University of Technology.

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Editorial Salvatore Scifo (Bournemouth University)

Negotiating war on TV series: A cross-national comparative study of the 2003 invasion of Iraq Ahmed al-Rawi (Concordia University/Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Occupy narratives in Sweden and Latvia: How mainstream media tell the story of a movement Anne Kaun and Iveta Jurkane-Hobein (Sodertorn University)

Cultural class analysis and audience reception in American television’s ‘third golden age’ Michael L. Wayne (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

The (golden) dawn of audiences? Assessing the audience empowerment thesis through a framing analysis of immigration in the Greek media Dimitra L. Milioni and Konstantinos Vadratsikas (Cyprus University of Technology)

Scandal-suffering politicians, scorned wives and salacious news: Examining public response to the scandal press conference Hinda Mandell (Rochester Institute of Technology) and Gina Masullo Chen (The University of Texas at Austin)

Did we fail? (Counter-) transference in a qualitative media research interview Jacob Johanssen (University of Westminster)


The journal can be accessed via the journal’s website or through academic databases.

Picture: Edge of the world by Damian Gadal, license CC BY 2.0, cropped

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