New issue of Communication Today is out now


New issue of Communication Today is now published. Here are few examples of the new articles.

Václav Moravec, Marína Urbániková, Jaromír Volek explore the degree of homogeneity among three generations (pretransitive, transitive and post-transitive) of Czech journalists working in the Czech media. The scholars claim that all three generations share their professional and political values. They all seem to accept liberal right-wing ideology and high socio-economic capital. The only exception is a weak acceptance of the invasion of the commercial logic into journalistic profession in the case of the youngest, post-transitive generation

Terézia Rončáková studies the relationship of young engaged Catholics in Slovakia to the various media outlets which they follow. The aim is to reveal which media outlets are considered to be inspiring and thought-provoking and how are they perceived and evaluated by their followers.

Communication Today is a scientific journal from the mass media and marketing communication field.

The articles are available here.

Picture: 4 Generations by Eric Danley, licence: CC BY 2.0, picture was edited

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