New International Journal of Communication out now


New issue of International Journal of Communication is now published. Four of the articles are especially interesting for those who are into journalism.

Sasha Costanza-Chock and Pablo Rey Mazón write about PageOneX, an open source software tool they designed to aid in the coding, analysis, and visualization of newspaper front pages. 

Kate Wright creates a theoretical model for studying relations between journalists and their sources.

Renira Rampazzo Gambarato, Geane Carvalho Alzamora and Lorena Péret Teixeira Tárcia explore to what extent transmedia strategies were applied to the Russian news coverage of the Sochi Olympic Games.

Christian Lamour examines the business model of free metropolitan newspapers in a cross-border context. Analysis explores the ability of editing companies to profit from commercial revenues and resources located beyond the state border.

Current journal issue is available here.

Picture: The world by i naina _94, licence: CC BY 2.0

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