Media ethics, slow media, big data and media industry

The end of this week is jam-packed with events, with a total of four overlapping on Thursday. Here are our introductions to them.

First of the events is the third International Conference on Media Ethics. It is already starting today with a preconference in Seville, Spain. The actual conference days are Wednesday and Thursday. It’s organized by the University of Seville and the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. The conference features several, simultaneous tracks most of which are in Spanish. English language sessions are held on both days, and they do not overlap.

The homepage of International Conference on Media Ethics can be found here. An overview of the event’s program is here (PDF-file; in Spanish; notice: the link to this file on the event’s homepage is broken). A more detailed session schedule is available here (PDF-file; in Spanish and in English; notice: the link to this file on the event’s homepage is broken). The event’s official Twitter account is @3icmediaethics, and the suggested hashtag #3icme.

The other three events will all begin on Thursday, the shortest already ending on the same day. Held in Bath, United Kingdom, the Slow Media Symposium is a one-day event focused on a budding counter-movement against the pervasiveness of speed in modern media environment. It is organized and hosted by the Bath Spa University. Most of the presenters are UK academics, but confirmed speakers include both German and American practitioners. The event is all-English, and mostly single-track.

Further information about the Slow Media Symposium can be found here. The event will be tweeted by the hashtag #slowmediabathspa.

Big Data for Media 2015 conference will last for Thursday and Friday. It’s organized and hosted by the London office of Google. The conference is practitioner-focused, and features speakers mainly from the industry. The topics broadly cover the use of data in media, from user analytics and targeted advertising to data journalism. The event is single-track and fully in English.

The homepage of Big Data for Media 2015 is here. The popular Twitter hashtag for the event is #bigdatamedia (notice: the tag is sporadically used for other purposes as well). The event does not appear to have an official Twitter account, but it may be tweeted by its co-organizers, International News Media Association (@INMAorg) and World Newsmedia Network (@WNMNorg).

The first International Conference on Communication and Media Studies, will also take place on Thursday and Friday, but in Tirana, Albania. The event is titled “Media Industry; Trends, Dynamics and Challenges”. It’s organized (in collaboration with others) and hosted by the Hëna e Plotë Bedër University. So far the event has not published a program, but papers were originally invited on a very broad topical scope, and in Albanian, English or Turkish languages.

Further information about the International Conference on Communication and Media Studies can be found on the event’s homepage, here.

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