IFJ15: Data, whistleblowing and new journalism

Alan Rusbridger – editor The Guardian – on backstage on last year’s festival. Picture by Alessio Jacona.


This week sees the International Journalism Festival, held in Perugia, Italy. The festival begins on Wednesday 15th and includes several panel discussions, workshops and presentations during the five days. The event has been held annually since 2006. Keynote speakers include Andy Mitchell, Aron Pilhofer, and Jeff Jarvis. 

The program is mostly focused on practical journalism and mostly held in Italian. The highlight of the event may well be on Friday (17th) in Sala dei Notari, when whistleblower Edward Snowden takes part in a panel discussion via Skype in this panel discussion about, for example, press coverage of the NSA issue.

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And of course, their website, which contains the most recent updates.

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