CFP: What is Media? 2016

What is Media 2016: What is Media? Experience-Exploration-Emergence -conference is calling for papers. The event will feature keynote speakers, roundtables, paper presentations, and special events, in an attempt to answer questions about the ever-evolving nature of media.

Presentations/papers/installations may include the following topics (as well as others):

  • What is a medium? What distinguishes a medium from the media? How are they changing? What are the new emerging media? What are immersive media?
  • What is media studies? What is the relationship between media, communication, and film studies?
  • How does media studies relate to other areas of inquiry and other disciplines?
  • What are current approaches to the study of media effects, media audiences, and media psychology?
  • What can media professionals learn from media studies and vice versa?

The conference is organized in April and deadline for abstracts is due by November 2. More suggestions for topics and other information can be found here.

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