CFP: Revitalizing concepts in mass communication

A conference on novel takes on mass media concepts is looking for paper proposals. The conference is titled “Revitalizing concepts in mass communication” and it will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on the 17th and 18th of February 2017.

Concepts such as “audience” and “journalist” are changing, and our current understanding of them may no longer hold true, the conference organizers propose. To this end, the conference invites fresh takes on three categories of concepts:

1) Concepts that transcend mass communication, but nonetheless have particular bearing on the field.
2) Concepts that are central to mass communication, including the concept of mass communication itself.
3) Concepts that are specific to areas within mass communication.

Paper abstracts of 400 – 500 words are due on July 15th this year. Acceptees will be notified by August 1st and full papers are due on January 1st 2017.

Further information on the event is available on the conference website.

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