CFP: Panel on euroscepticism and the media

ECPR’s Standing Group on the EU is calling for papers for its 8th Pan-European Conference on the European Union, specifically for the panel Euroscepticism and Media (section Euroscepticism and the Rise of EU Contestation).

The present panel wants to examine in which way the general theories about media and politics apply specifically to the case of Euroscepticism. We welcome papers addressing these or related questions, in either single case or comparative studies format:

  • How do comparable media channels conceptualize Euroscepticism in different national environments? How is Europe represented?
  • How do traditional and new media compare in regards to the treatment of Eurosceptic ideas and actors?
  • Which factors influence variations in the Eurosceptic narrative, in different national contexts and across different types of media outlets?
  • What is the role of media logic, with its tendency towards the depoliticization and spectacularization of politics, in the reporting and discussion of Euroscepticism?

Abstracts should be max 300 words and accompanied with a short biography. The deadline is 22 September.

More information can be found here.

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