CFP: News Media Development and Sustainability in Africa

International conference exploring African media development and sustainability is looking for papers. The conference, titled News Media Delevopment and Sustainability in Africa will be held by Academy and Journalism and Media & Enterprise Institute of University of Neuchâtel and Fondation Hirondelle in Switzerland.

The conference is held 22nd and 23rd October. Best papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of Journal of Media Business Studies. Its aim is to shed light on how media are developing in different parts of Africa and what are the main constraints to their development; what factors might help bridge financial and human capital gaps and strengthen long-term impact of international support on media sustainability; and how support to media development in Africa can be an opportunity also for Western media and investors.

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Suggested research topics for contributions include, but are not limited to:

  • News media business best practices in African or other developing
  • Sustainability oriented news media business models in developing countries
  • Impact of different forms of investments on African news media sustainability
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances for African news media development
  • Impact of international news media organizations on the news media landscape in developing countries
  • Growth, support and sustainability of indigenous language media in Africa
  • Managerial and organizational challenges related to media sustainability in African countries
  • Human resource management within news media firms in developing countries
  • Impact of new technologies on news media innovation and sustainability
  • Relation between media regulation and media sustainability in Africa
  • Media management academic programs and African media development

Abstracts, 200 to 300 word, are due 21st June 2015 with notifications of accepted proposals on 5th July 2015. Full papers will be due 1st 2015. Please send abstracts to [email protected]


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