CFP: Media–Bridge–Cultures conference

Abstracts are sought for The Media-Bridge-Cultures conference in Istanbul. Conference addresses transnational bridging functions of the media as connecting agents between cultures and countries. A special emphasis will be placed on mediated bridges between Germany and Turkey.

Papers are called from the following topics:

  • How do digital and mass media influence relationships between Turkey and Germany (and other countries)?
  • Which German and Turkish media outlets (and those of other countries) represent Germany, Turkey (and other countries) and how?
  • In what ways do the media depict cultural identities of thecitizens of these countries? How do they (re-)produce or deconstruct stereotypes?
  • How do German and Turkish media correspondents (and those of other countries) influence the relationship between (the two) countries?
  • In which ways do media users make use of different media offerings for networking, identity construction and group membership purposes in transnational spaces?
  • How do the media facilitate (or hamper) the emergence of transnational bridges and networks between Turkey and Germany (and other countries)?

Abstacts should be maximum 200 words. The deadline is September 15.

Submitting form and more information is available here.

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